They’re Moving Fast and Breaking Things

Travis Kalanick calls himself a freedom fighter. He roams the world in search of evil and works tirelessly to vanquish his foes. Strong-willed and self-assured, he might as well be a superhero. For five years he has battled the notoriously insular taxi industry, vowing to bring quicker, more reliable car service to a populace hungry […]

‘The Huffington Post’ Office Has Nap Rooms—Jealous?

Arianna Huffington believes so strongly in the value of a well-rested mind that she actually encourages her employees to sleep on the job. In the spring of 2011, she had two nap rooms installed in The Huffington Post’s Manhattan headquarters. Tucked behind a pair of simple white doors opposite the office pingpong table, the light-gray […]

Arianna Huffington Leads the Charge for Well-Being in the Workplace

Arianna Huffington Leads the Charge for Well-Being in the Workplace

To understand Arianna, you must first understand Elli. Born to a family that escaped to Greece from Russia during the revolution of 1917, Elli met her husband, a World War II concentration camp survivor, while recovering from tuberculosis in a sanatorium outside Athens. Before she left him, fed up with his chronic philandering, she brought […]

Leadin’ Ain’t Easy… Ben Horowitz Reveals What It Takes

He was in New York City laying the groundwork for an IPO when he got the call. His wife, Felicia—the mother of his three children—had recently undergone surgery for a hernia. And now his father-in-law was on the phone telling him that she had an allergic reaction to her medication. “She stopped breathing,” he said. […]

A Peek into the Life of Tim Cook, the Most Private CEO Ever

On paper, it made no sense—not for a guy like Tim Cook. An industrial engineer by training, he’s notoriously analytical. If given the choice, he’d gladly spend whole days sifting through spreadsheets, eyeballing the figures, searching for the trouble spots. Beneath the warm smile and the soft Southern drawl lies the heart of a fierce […]

Ray Kurzweil: The Exponential Mind

Ray Kurzweil is not big on small talk. At 3:30 on a glorious early summer afternoon, the kind that inspires idle daydreams, he strides into a glass-walled, fifth-floor conference room overlooking the leafy tech town of Waltham, Mass. Lowering himself into a chair, he looks at his watch and says, “How much time do you […]

6 Insights on How to Be a Change-Maker

Some of the world’s most promising innovators share their secrets to creating improvements to our world—to being change-makers. These are their tips: Lead the Way“A leader anticipates and prepares for change,” says the innovator behind the LifeStraw water filter, Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen. That means staying abreast of technology, responding to issues that may present problems […]