Carrie Beckner

Carrie Beckner
Carrie Beckner is the event management circle lead link at Pariveda Solutions, a consulting firm driven to create innovative, growth-oriented, and people-first solutions. Read more about the work Pariveda Solutions does here.

Carrie works primarily within organizational structure, management, and interpersonal relationships at Pariveda Solutions, where she’s been for more than a decade. Her portfolio includes leading Pariveda’s event management circle and assisting Pariveda’s CEO by assessing the workflows of activities throughout the enterprise and mapping out potential changes to increase effectiveness. Carrie is also trained in Holacracy, a radical organizational system for companies that favor decentralized structures and self-governance. She holds a Certified Holacracy Coach certification through HolacracyOne.

Outside of the office, Carrie is an avid traveler, music lover, and foodie. She also dedicates time to her community by volunteering with Dallas CASA, a nonprofit that advocates for the rights of at-risk children and leads discipleship trips.

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