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Bob Serling

Bob Serling
Bob Serling is the founder of Profit Alchemy. He helps business owners and entrepreneurs increase their profits with no cost and no risk. Get his free eBook to discover 42 no-cost, no-risk ways to double your profits at

A 3-Step Formula for Landing Freelance Gigs

By Bob Serling | August 6, 2015

What is the best way to get work as a freelancer? Two words: strategic alliances. Think about who you’d like to work with and spend time helping them first, promoting their products and referring them business. Do a good job of that and the companies or experts you’d like to form alliances with will soon…

How to Use LinkedIn to Find Freelance Work

By Bob Serling | July 2, 2015

What is a strategic alliance? Technically, an agreement between parties to pursue agreed-upon objectives while remaining independent, aka how a freelancer freelances. These alliances, these partnerships, are a great way to network, to generate more business—to land gigs. But these “partners” aren’t always easy to find. LinkedIn expert Ted Prodromou has advice for freelancers on…