How to Change Your Habits

How to Change Your Habits

Challenging your automatic thoughts and behaviors is hard work, but if you’re willing to work at it, it is possible. Learn how to shift your mental habits.

A Toast to the Old You!

A Toast to the Old You

This year is your chance to be kind to yourself, practice gratitude and live your life on purpose. Here are 5 habits you can proactively cultivate to embrace your past, learn from your mistakes and bask in the triumph of just how tough you really are.

5 Pointers for Getting More from Your Team

Managers are taught that holding employees accountable is the key to getting results, yet they often fail to clearly communicate their expectations. Rather than getting frustrated, try these steps: 1. Know what you want first. We may assume others are being thoughtless or selfish when they don’t satisfy our needs, but we haven’t clarified in […]

Stop Trying to Motivate People—It Won’t Work

We all want to motivate someone. Parents struggle to motivate their kids. Wives try to motivate their husbands, and vice versa. And organizations attempt all the time to come up with something that will motivate their employees, from giving out company coffee mugs to bonuses. But you can’t motivate another person. Why? Because different people […]

Hate Office Drama? Stop Reacting to It

Office conflict causes stress, cuts productivity and sabotages the teamwork companies need to succeed. In fact, American workers spend more than two and a half hours each week resolving it—or at least trying to. That’s costing U.S. companies $359 billion every year, according to AtTask, a task management software firm. But before you chalk up […]