Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson is the former senior editor of SUCCESS magazine, an Emmy Award-winning writer and founder of Anderson Content Consulting. She helps experts, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs to discover their truth, write with confidence, and share their stories so they can transform their past into hope for others. Learn more at and on Facebook.

12 Top Tools & Strategies for Productivity

By Amy Anderson | August 5, 2010

What three projects, tasks or priorities will most contribute to the accomplishment of your biggest and most important goal? Write them on a notecard, and then spend 90 percent of your day on those tasks. Spend the other 10 percent delegating, Productivity is not an accident. It’s a decision. Legendary coach John Wooden said, “Don’t…

Profiles in Greatness: Florence Nightingale

By Amy Anderson | April 6, 2010

Florence Nightingale was a career nurse at a time when women did not have careers and nurses did not receive training. She was a hospital reformer and a pioneer in statistical analysis in an age when such accomplishments were reserved for men. Today, her legacy of caring, innovation and perseverance reminds us to never take…

Profiles in Greatness: Wilbur and Orville Wright

By Amy Anderson | February 3, 2010

Wilbur and Orville Wright were self-taught engineers. They repaired bicycles for a living in Dayton, Ohio, while they studied what humans had long-dreamt of achieving: flight. Because they insisted on proving the naysayers wrong, they ended up revolutionizing not only how we travel, but also how we do business and relate to each other around…