meet the team


Amy Somerville

Chief Executive Officer

Dream Career: I am living my dream career!

Amy is a mission-driven leader with demonstrated success in developing highly effective teams, delivering dynamic learning strategies, and building engaged communities. Prior to joining SUCCESS, she was vice president of professional development and industry engagement at Buffini & Company and the founder of Moment of Clarity, LLC. In her previous role as an executive with RE/MAX, LLC, she led professional development, technology engagement, multi-media production, and education.


Kerrie Lee Brown

Vice President of Media, Editor-in-Chief

Dream Career: Doing what I’m doing

Kerrie Lee Brown is an award-winning writer, editor and speaker who has worked in media and communications for three decades. She is published in 150 magazines worldwide, has interviewed some of the biggest names in Hollywood and business, and is the author of the book “My Heart, My Self: A Heartfelt Guide for Women Who Do Too Much” (Amazon), which has received various recognitions in the self-help category.

Cecilia Meis

Cecilia Meis

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development

Dream Career: Writer

Cecilia has more than 12 years of content strategy and editing experience, first in editorial roles before transitioning to SEO and digital marketing. At SUCCESS, she oversees marketing, sales and business development, supporting all divisions across the organization.


Kelley Bahata

Digital Marketing Manager

Dream Career: Librarian in a coastal town

Kelley, as the Digital Marketing Manager at SUCCESS Enterprises, operates in a cross-functional capacity, collaborating with the leadership, sales, and product teams to craft effective marketing strategies and foster partnership opportunities. Her daily focus revolves around spearheading innovative campaigns, optimizing user experiences, and building the SUCCESS community. With a background in strategy development for leading global and Fortune 500 brands, she thrives in dynamic environments that challenge her skills and creativity.


Romaine Brown-Palmer

Administrative Operations Manager

Dream Career: Sitcom TV Show Writer

Romaine oversees the daily operations of the administrative department and coaching team, ensuring that both organizations run smoothly and efficiently. In this role, Romaine leverages a combination of leadership, strategic thinking, and hands-on operational skills.


Kathleen Burke

Media Sales Representative

Dream Career: Role on Webseries or Dramedy – Netflix,Apple TV, Hulu

Kathleen specializes in integrated media sales and business development across print, digital, video, social media, and event sponsorships. Additionally, she is an actor who dabbles in theater, small film, voiceover work, and writing.


Shawana Crayton

Business Admin & Customer Support Specialist

Dream Career: News Anchor

Shawana has been with Success Enterprises for three years. With over 20 years of customer service experience, she finds joy in assisting others.


Tracey Hadel

Media Sales Representative

Dream Career: Radio talk show host

Tracy is a media professional with over 25 years of industry experience generating revenue and building new business. She has worked at top media companies such as Meredith Corporation and Reader’s Digest, managing sales teams at brands like Parents, Better Homes & Gardens, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Health, and TV Guide.

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Elisa Henry

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Dream Career: FBI Agent

Elisa Henry is a seasoned System Architect and CRM Specialist with extensive experience in API development and SaaS solutions. With a proven track record in web design and UX/UI creation, Elisa excels in leveraging her expertise across multiple platforms to drive innovation and efficiency in every project she undertakes.


Lauren Kerrigan

Creative Director

Dream Career: Touring master sommelier

Lauren is the wrangler and creator of branding and graphic assets for all business divisions across SUCCESS® Enterprises. She is driven to make SUCCESS beautiful!


Maya Korogodsky

Marketing Project Manager

Dream Career: Fashion Designer

Maya, a driven professional with a BBA in Marketing from the University of Michigan, has gained experience at SoulCycle, HBO, and Meta. Thriving in diverse global environments, Maya excels in collaboration and growth, possessing proficiency in English, Russian, and Hebrew. She is eager to contribute her skills and passion for driving results to dynamic teams.


Paris Kypke

Digital Marketing Coordinator

Dream Career: Astronaut

Paris, a dynamic marketer, specializes in product development and marketing operations, excelling in fast-paced environments through innovation and strategic thinking. Leveraging her analytical mindset and passion for consumer connections, she delivers tailored solutions to meet evolving demands, ensuring measurable results in every project.


Virginia Le

Senior Production Manager

Dream Career: Chocolate consultant who travels the world

Virginia is a detail-oriented individual responsible for overseeing numerous aspects, both significant and minor, in her role. Joining SUCCESS magazine’s print production team in 2018, she ensures the Editorial Team stays on track, coordinates with printers, bulk customers, advertisers, vendors, and consultants to ensure timely magazine production.

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Ava Leach

Social Media Manager

Dream Career: Formula 1 Driver

Ava is a seasoned social media manager with over six years of industry experience. She specializes in driving engagement and brand visibility across diverse platforms, leveraging her expertise to create impactful digital strategies.


Jet Lee

Direct Response Copywriting Specialist

Dream Career: I’m living my dream career :)

Jet is copywriter experienced in using proven direct-response marketing techniques to craft copy that nurtures relationships with prospects and converts them into loyal, high-paying customers. His areas of expertise include developing email marketing campaigns and landing pages via A/B testing, strategic segmentation, customer journey mapping, and employing copywriting techniques grounded in the latest breakthroughs in consumer psychology.


Tess Lopez

Digital Managing Editor

Dream Career: Exactly what I’m doing now—editing for a magazine!

Tess has more than five years of experience as a writer and editor for both print and digital publications, with a special interest in lifestyle and personal development content. In her role at SUCCESS, she assigns and oversees the production of digital editorial content for the website and the brand’s exclusive digital magazine, SUCCESS+.

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Rena Machani

Editorial Assistant

Dream Career: Author

Rena grew up in Colorado, graduated from The University of Colorado Boulder in English, and pursed media and journalism. She recently joined SUCCESS magazine as their editorial assistant.


Hugh Murphy

Product Development & Marketing Manager

Dream Career: Leftfielder for the Texas Rangers

Hugh is a marketing professional with extensive career experience in the publishing and advertising industries.


Emily O'Brien

Associate Editor

Dream Career: THIS.

Emily is the associate editor of SUCCESS magazine. She has contributed to more than 30 print and digital publications, focusing on architecture, wellness, travel, and lifestyle topics. She resides in Raleigh, North Carolina.


Jeff Pizzo

Media Sales Representative

Dream Career: Being the GM for a professional sports team or Athletic Director at LSU

With over 20 years of experience in advertising sales, Jeff leverages his proven track record of exceeding client expectations to drive business growth. He is passionate about developing creative and outside-the-box solutions that achieve client goals and foster long-term partnerships.


Alexis Sentinella

Marketing Operations Manager

Dream Career: Professional Hobbyist: The art of trying new things but not committing to them lifelong.

Alexis brings eight years of experience to the table, specializing in intertwining data and systems to create seamless user experiences. Despite holding a bachelor’s degree in accounting, which she rarely applies, she loves to nerd out on numbers on a daily basis.


Katelin Walling

Paid Media Managing Editor

Dream Career: National Park Ranger

Katelin has more than 13 years of editorial experience, starting in print before transitioning to digital content and SEO strategy. At SUCCESS, she oversees marketing and SEO content, ensuring those content strategies best support all divisions across the organization.


Josh Gettman

Vice President of Operations

Dream Career

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