Preston Ely

Preston Ely
Preston Ely is founder and CEO of, an Inc. magazine "Fastest Growing Company." He has built and sold multiple businesses and was recently voted one of Fast Company's "Most Influential People On The Internet." He makes $0 a year teaching success principles; he makes millions of dollars a year applying them to his own life and businesses. He writes articles for for the fun of it. Follow him at, on Facebook and on Twitter.

The 11 Dumbest New Year's Resolutions

The 11 Dumbest New Year’s Resolutions of All Time

By Preston Ely | January 1, 2020

Here’s how to never set them again and still lose weight, make more money, and stop doing almost everything you’re currently doing that’s destroying yourself, myself, the planet and everyone in your near vicinity…

7 Things the 1% Do That the 99% Don’t

By Preston Ely | May 24, 2017

Do you like your life? Are you happy right where you’re at? There’s about a 1% chance your answer is yes.

The 5 Fears You’ve Never Had the Guts to Face

By Preston Ely | February 26, 2016

Face the fears others will never have the guts to face, and you will have a life others never get to have.

6 Reasons YOU CAN DO IT (#4: That One Dumb Rich Guy You Know Did It)

By Preston Ely | January 29, 2016

What is the number one thing you most wish you could do or achieve in life? Today I’m here to tell you… you can do it.

What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do (& the Secret to Shredded Abs)

By Preston Ely | January 15, 2016

There are going to be times when you have no idea what to do with your life in general. Here’s what to do.

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Stuff Rich People Do: 10 Things You’re Probably Not Doing Right Now

By Preston Ely | November 27, 2015

Rich people and regular people do things differently.

Do Things Faster and 6 Other Ways to Double Your Productivity, Income and Sex Appeal

By Preston Ely | October 30, 2015

How would you like to wake up tomorrow morning making double the money you currently do and looking twice as sexy?

It Only Takes 1 Step to Become a Super Successful, Bona Fide Genius

By Preston Ely | September 25, 2015

Upon waking up from a life-threatening surgery to remove cancer from his pancreas, Steve Jobs promptly ripped off his oxygen mask, inspected it closely, declared the design unbearably inferior, threw it on the ground and demanded that his surgeon design a better one immediately. More on that in a minute.   Geniuses are cool, don’t you…

Do These 6 Things—If You Want to Be Poor

By Preston Ely | August 28, 2015

Rolling in money picked from your money tree in the backyard of your mansion? Then you don’t need to read this. X out. Move on. See ya later. Related: 16 Rich Habits OK, for those of you still with me, I’m sorry to hear that you’re not already rich. But don’t worry. Do not worry.…

6 Common Motivations for Money Guaranteed to Make You Fail (Hint: You’re Doing At Least One of These)

By Preston Ely | August 7, 2015

There are seven common motivations that compel people to exchange their time and energy for money. All of them but one are completely insane. Pick your current poison: 1. Survival You need a few pairs of clothes, 200 square feet of shelter per family member and roughly 37 percent of the food you’re currently eating…