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Joseph Mazzarini

Joseph Mazzarini
Joseph Mazzarini is a business writer, social media strategist and content developer. He previously held consultant roles for the likes of Marvel, Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network, and currently develops content for Ignitia Office. Joseph resides in Los Angeles and is a graduate of Johns Hopkin University.

5 Startup Tips From a Musical Entrepreneur

By Joseph Mazzarini | December 12, 2017

Steven Dourmashkin has learned a thing or two about launching a successful startup. Specdrums, the musical app-based technology which Dourmashkin co-founded, raised over 12 times its initial Kickstarter goal and won Red Bull’s 2017 Launchpad competition. Here, the Specdrums CEO shares the five most important lessons he learned along the musical road to success. 1.…