Jacklyn Janeksela

Jacklyn Janeksela
Jacklyn Janeksela, MFA, is a freelance writer and a poet. Her online self, aka that writing life, can be found here. She works for Culture Designers, Thrillist, Honey Colony, among others; her poetry is tangled on the inter-webs. Her herbal alchemy meets astrology creative business can be found here. She explores self through poetry, planets and photography @ female filet.

5 Creative Benefits of Daydreaming 1

5 Creative Benefits of Daydreaming

By Jacklyn Janeksela | August 1, 2019

Daydreaming is a powerful tool. It inspires, encourages, expands and connects us. Learn how tapping into its magic enhances your innovative side.

mental clutter

5 Clear Ways to Remove Mental Clutter

By Jacklyn Janeksela | July 12, 2019

Mental clarity at home and work are within our reach. With a few modifications, we grow closer to a life that’s not only balanced but also satisfying.

5 Tips for Personal Growth

5 Healing Tips for Personal Growth

By Jacklyn Janeksela | May 2, 2019

Work with your “growth edges” to create space opportunity.

How to Be More Adaptable to Stress Less

How to Be More Adaptable to Stress Less

By Jacklyn Janeksela | April 24, 2019

Stress crumbles in the face of those who choose to look at it more positively—which is why adaptability is key.

Questions That Lead to Better Habits

7 Reflective Questions That Lead to Better Habits

By Jacklyn Janeksela | April 10, 2019

Rekindle a relationship with yourself, your own version of happiness and a life full of significance.

Why You Should Make Visualization a Daily Practice

By Jacklyn Janeksela | January 3, 2018

No matter when you decide to visualize, the benefits are real.


5 Ways to Live Your Life Without Regrets

By Jacklyn Janeksela | November 2, 2017

Focus on living, not working.

The Dangers of Over-Planning

By Jacklyn Janeksela | October 9, 2017

Sometimes a dream is just a dream.

How 5 Minutes Can Change Everything

By Jacklyn Janeksela | September 18, 2017

What can you do in 5 minutes to change your being and emotional state?

5 Different Kinds of Success

By Jacklyn Janeksela | June 30, 2017

Because success is many different things to many different people.