Jacklyn Janeksela

Jacklyn Janeksela
Jacklyn Janeksela, MFA, is a freelance writer and a poet. Her online self, aka that writing life, can be found here. She works for Culture Designers, Thrillist, Honey Colony, among others; her poetry is tangled on the inter-webs. Her herbal alchemy meets astrology creative business can be found here. She explores self through poetry, planets and photography @ female filet.

5 Creative Benefits of Daydreaming

By Jacklyn Janeksela | August 1, 2019

Daydreaming is a powerful tool. It inspires, encourages, expands and connects us. Learn how tapping into its magic enhances your innovative side.

5 Clear Ways to Remove Mental Clutter

By Jacklyn Janeksela | July 12, 2019

Mental clarity at home and work are within our reach. With a few modifications, we grow closer to a life that’s not only balanced but also satisfying.

5 Healing Tips for Personal Growth

By Jacklyn Janeksela | May 2, 2019

Work with your “growth edges” to create space opportunity.

How to Be More Adaptable to Stress Less

By Jacklyn Janeksela | April 24, 2019

Stress crumbles in the face of those who choose to look at it more positively—which is why adaptability is key.

7 Reflective Questions That Lead to Better Habits

By Jacklyn Janeksela | April 10, 2019

Rekindle a relationship with yourself, your own version of happiness and a life full of significance.

Why You Should Make Visualization a Daily Practice

By Jacklyn Janeksela | January 3, 2018

No matter when you decide to visualize, the benefits are real.

5 Ways to Live Your Life Without Regrets

By Jacklyn Janeksela | November 2, 2017

Focus on living, not working.

The Dangers of Over-Planning

By Jacklyn Janeksela | October 9, 2017

Sometimes a dream is just a dream.

How 5 Minutes Can Change Everything

By Jacklyn Janeksela | September 18, 2017

What can you do in 5 minutes to change your being and emotional state?

5 Different Kinds of Success

By Jacklyn Janeksela | June 30, 2017

Because success is many different things to many different people.