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Alex Jasin

Alex Jasin
Alex Jasin is the CEO of Metapress, a fast-growing publication to learn new skills, gain inspiration and discover more about what interests you. Alex is also the founder and CEO of X3 Digital, a Google Certified digital marketing and design agency. Alex serves as a consultant for Ai Media Group, a prominent digital marketing agency in New York, working with Fortune 500 clients such as Intel, Allstate and Wells Fargo. Alex has previously been featured on Business Journal, Fox, Sun Sentinel and Miami Herald. Connect with Alex Jasin on Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

How to Rise Up After Life Knocks You Down

How to Rise Up After Life Knocks You Down

By Alex Jasin | January 5, 2018

No one reaches a goal without persevering through difficult times.

5 Winning Habits for Success

By Alex Jasin | April 4, 2017

There are no shortcuts to success. But there are best practices.


What Does Success Really Mean to You?

By Alex Jasin | February 2, 2017

Before you can pursue success, you need to understand what it is and what it isn’t.