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How to Hit Your Sales Goals

When you’re faced with a dauntingly high sales goal, one piece of information can make the difference between success and failure: knowing why you’re selling. In this video, author and sales expert Jill Konrath tells us why all sales people should know their why.

“The best way to achieve your sales goals is to know why you’re doing it, and the more personal the reason is, the higher your chances of success,” she says.

What’s your why? Tell us below!

Listen to Jill Konrath’s advice on dealing with sales rejection.

Tony Hawk’s Authentic Approach to Social Media

If you’ve ever tweeted @tonyhawk on Twitter, rest assured, you’re communicating with the skateboarding legend himself. In this episode of Behind the Brand, Hawk tells host Bryan Elliott (@BryanElliott) why he insists on typing all 140 characters himself.

“I want this to be my voice; I want people to know that they are connecting with me,” Hawk says. “I don’t trust someone else to put that out there.”

Keep watching for Hawk’s fun and innovative use of social media.

How do you use social media for your business? Tell us below!

Brush up on your electronic etiquette before you start tweeting.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy a Home

Wondering if you should buy a home or continue renting? In this video, financial expert and author Nicole Lapin advises against buying a house, unless you can answer “yes” to three specific questions.

“I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy a house across the board,” Lapin says. “You should if you can answer these three questions.”

Read 6 tips from Nicole Lapin on how to live a rich life.

11 Tips for Delivering a Better Presentation

If you need an edge for your next pitch meeting, author and presentation expert Garr Reynolds recommends taking a page out of a storyteller’s book. In This TEDx Talk, Reynolds tells us why the best presentations flow like stories, and gives us 11 ways to turn a boring PowerPoint into a compelling tale.  

“Storytelling is what makes us human,” Reynolds says. “That’s part of our DNA; it’s how we have evolved. Long before Homo sapiens could read, of course, we were telling stories.”

Find out which 4 things you should never say during a presentation.

Cesar Millan’s Journey Toward Success

Dog trainer and television star Cesar Millan is known internationally for his work with problematic pooches, but his journey wasn’t always a smooth one. In this episode of Behind the Brand, Millan tells host Bryan Elliott (@BryanElliott) where he gets his ambition and why failure is necessary for success.    

“It’s the journey that is your teacher, and in the journey you have the ups and downs,” he says. “Everybody wants to have the ups to call it success, but being in a down position is a very successful moment because you get to reflect.”

What are some of your best teachable moments? Share your story below!

Find out why Mike Rowe embraces uncertainty on another episode of Behind the Brand

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