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What Happens When You Embrace Your Fears

Despite the fact that dancer and director Daniel “Cloud” Campos is used to being on stage, he admits to one big fear: He is terrified of public speaking.

“One of my biggest fears, if you haven’t guessed it by now, is speaking in front of a live audience,” he says. “And it just so happens that my first public speech ever is happening right now.”

Campos takes us along for the ride as he overcomes his own fear during this lively TEDx Talk and shares what he’s learned about the things that scare us.

What’s your biggest fear?

Find out if it’s worth it to fear it.

See How Far Passion Can Take You

How far can passion take you? For venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson, the sky is the limit. An avid space enthusiast, Jurvetson serves on the board of Elon Musk’s SpaceX and has invested in a number of interstellar projects.

“I’m not sure which came first—the business interest in space or the hobby. I think they were coincident in a way,” he says. “But it just so happens, perhaps, that the timing has been remarkably good as of late to be looking at space as an investment.”

What’s your passion and how high are you willing to follow it?

What’s Your Dream?

What’s your biggest, wildest, most precious dream? Take a minute and really think about it. Got it? Now take a page out of these people’s books and shout it out for everyone to hear.

“My dream is to be happy with what I’m doing. I don’t know what I want to do, I just want to be happy doing it.”

So what’s your dream? Tell us below—no giant megaphone necessary.

Now that you’ve got your dream, follow these 7 steps to achieve it.

6 Ways to Crush Your Creative Block

Picture this: A project deadline is rapidly approaching and you are fresh out of ideas. What can you do to get past your creative block?

Watch this video for six easy ways to get those creative juices flowing—and for a great reason to schedule an afternoon nap.

What are your creativity tricks? Let us know below!

Check out these 4 tips for igniting innovation.

Productivity Habits This Expert Can't Live Without

How do high-achievers stay so productive? Productivity expert and author Laura Vanderkam studied their daily schedules to find out. In this talk with Darren Hardy, she shares a few of the habits she can't live without.

“I’m trying to be good about getting up in the morning, which may sound funny since I wrote a whole book about what the most successful people do before breakfast, and yet, I am not a morning person,” Vanderkam says.

When are you most productive? Comment below!

Find out what 4 traits most highly successful people share.


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