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Meet Estella Pyfrom and Her Brilliant Bus

Friday, December 26th 2014

Look Here for Your Last-Minute Gift Ideas

If you’re in the market for some very last-minute gift ideas, don’t fret! Financial advice guru Suze Orman is here with her list of fiscally responsible do’s and don’ts for the holidays.

“Give them cash! Give them cash!” she says. “They won’t lose it!”

What are you giving this year?

Read more holiday business tips.

Why Hope Isn’t Enough for Success

Got a good idea? It’s not enough to hope for it, says Jim Rohn. You’ve got to go out and search for a way to make it reality.

“Ideas are not reserved for those that hope; they’re not reserved for those that wish; they’re not reserved for those that complain,” Rohn says. “Good ideas are reserved for those that search.”

What’s the first step in your search?

Remember that nothing is impossible—just ask Jim Rohn. 

Michael Keaton and Jimmy Kimmel Talk SUCCESS

Jimmy Kimmel, our August 2014 cover guy, sat down with Michael Keaton to discuss work ethic, family ties and SUCCESS.

“My dad almost always worked two jobs. Your work ethic is crazy,” Keaton says to Kimmel. “You’re really loyal to your folks and it’s really admirable.”

Listen for Kimmel’s tongue-in-cheek explanation for why he opened up to SUCCESS.

Check out our August article on Jimmy Kimmel, the hardest-working man in show business.

3 Words to Steer Your Life, from Maya Angelou

In this video, the late Maya Angelou offers us three little words that guided her through a lifetime of difficult decisions, courtesy of her grandmother: Just do right.

“I can almost hear her voice say, ‘Now Sister, you know what’s right,’ ” Angelou says. “ ‘Just do right.’ ”

What decision are you facing, and what direction do Angelou’s words take you?

Read more about Maya Angelou and 24 other legends in personal development.


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