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The Secret to Producing Your Best Work

How do people produce their best creative work? By finding their passion, says Sir Ken Robinson, author of The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything. In this episode of Behind the Brand, Robinson talks about finding your calling with host Bryan Elliott (@BryanElliott).

“[Passion is] finding things you’re good at, but not just things you’re good at, things you also love,” Robinson says. “So if you find something that you’re good at that you love, well, that’s a very sweet spot to be in.”

What’s your passion?

Find out why you should never, ever stop chasing it.

Starting a Business? Don't Miss This Step

If you’re thinking about opening your own business, chances are you’re already refining your product, figuring out your market and scouting locations. There is another essential step that author Meg Cadoux Hirschberg says many entrepreneurs miss: talking things over with your family.

“Ideally, the entrepreneurial couple will sit down and have a conversation about the risks and opportunities of a startup before the actual launch,” she says. “This doesn’t always happen—doesn’t usually happen—but it is ideal for the couple to do that.”

Listen as Cadoux Hirschberg shares some of the most common problems entrepreneurial couples will face when starting a new business.

Read SUCCESS columnist Tory Johnson’s advice for including your family in your business. 

The One Trait Google and Pixar Share

What do Google and Pixar have in common? They’re both at the forefront of innovation, says author and Harvard professor Linda Hill. In this TEDx Talk, Hill shares the characteristics organizations like these share and tells us how their corporate leadership creates an innovative environment.

“When you look at innovative organizations, they never go along to get along,” she says. “They don’t compromise. They don’t let one group or one individual dominate, even if it’s the boss; even if it’s the expert.”

How do you inspire innovation in your organization?

Read more about how leaders can help their team think big.

Having Trouble Prioritizing? Try Asking This Question

Prioritizing can save you time, money and boatloads of stress. In this talk with Darren Hardy, author Steve McClatchy shares one prioritizing question that will help you set goals.

McClatchy also talks about three instinctual questions that “keep you alive, and they keep you from going backwards,” but can ultimately derail your progress.

Need more help learning to prioritize? Check out SUCCESS columnist Tory Johnson’s tips on doing what counts.

Looking for Your Calling? Listen to This Advice

Need some career advice? In this video, Oprah Winfrey Network co-president Erik Logan offers guidance for new college graduates entering the job market, but his words will resonate with anyone searching for a new calling. 

“Be passionate about what it is you’re doing and really embrace it and lean into it,” Logan says. “Because once you start doing that, all the other doors sort of open up from there and then the opportunities sort of present themselves in front of you.”

Listen up for some simple advice coined by OWN’s other co-president, Sheri Salata.

Read more about how Erik Logan and Sheri Salata lead together.


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