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Change the Way You Think about Sales Rejection

Like most people in sales, best-selling author and sales strategist Jill Konrath has faced a lot of rejection during her career. In this video, she shares her method for turning every “no” into a learning opportunity.

“I reframed rejection entirely,” she says. “In my mind, what was happening became market research—no more and no less.”

Read an excerpt from Jill Konrath’s newest book, Agile Selling: Get Up to Speed Quickly in Today’s Ever-Changing Sales World.

4 Ways to Conquer Your Local Market

Are you a small-business owner looking to drum up more consumers in your local market? Eric Groves, CEO and co-founder of Alignable, shares four tips to help you up your game in the community you call home.

“When you connect with another local business, you unlock a wealth of local knowledge and the ability to reach other local consumers in that area,” he says.

Really want to stand out from the crowd? Learn how to brand yourself. 

How to Turn Around a Terrible Day

In his typically humorous style, motivational speaker and SUCCESS blogger Steve Rizzo tells the story of how he overcame one particularly terrible day.

One sweltering summer afternoon in New York City, Rizzo, who was already late for an audition, found himself stuck in “the world’s biggest traffic jam.” With a rental car that kept breaking down and a sea of angry motorists all around him, he started feeling sorry for himself.

“Now I’m feeling this snowball of negativity building up and I’m like, ‘Oh man, what else could possibly happen?’” he said. “Don’t ever ask that question, because if you do, the universe will answer you.”

Sure enough, the universe had one more hurdle for Rizzo to clear that day. Find out how he dealt with that final stressor and changed the course of his career in the process.

Check out Steve Rizzo’s four tips for embracing change. 

3 Yoga Poses You Can Do at Your Desk

 Laura Baron, founder of Yoga Be studio in Toronto, takes us through three work-friendly yoga stretches you can do in your work clothes while seated at your desk.  

These three simple stretches “will really increase your energy levels, focus your attention on your work and give you some great clarity,” she says.

Looking for another way to relax? Learn how to incorporate meditation into your life.

Daniel Pink: No Matter Your Job Title, You Work in Sales

If you’ve ever asked your boss for a raise, pitched a new idea during a meeting, or tried to recruit coworkers to help with a project, best-selling author Daniel Pink says you work in sales.

Those attempts at persuasion, called non-sales selling, take up more of your time than you might think, Pink says.

“[Non-sales selling is] selling, but the cash register’s not ringing. It’s selling, but no money’s changing hands. It’s selling, but the transaction isn’t denominated in dollars, or pounds or Euros; it’s denominated in attention, or effort, or energy, or zeal or commitment,” he says.

Pink offers tips on how you can be a more persuasive motivator and gives us the ABCs of selling in this information-packed video.

Looking for more resources on sales? Pick up our September issue of SUCCESS Magazine, on newsstands now. 


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