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6 Ingredients to a Great Life

What really matters in life? Bestselling author and life coach Marshall Goldsmith breaks it down into six components, starting with good health.

“Take care of yourself. Invest in your health,” he says. “In the short term, it may not seem as important as what you’re doing today. In the long term, it adds up.”

Keep watching for all six ingredients for a great life.

Get more tips on how to be your own life coach.

Here’s the Way out of Your Professional Rut

In this edition of Gotham Chopra's Help Desk, 29-year-old Sierra seeks a way out of her professional rut. Rev. Ed Bacon says it comes down to one thing: perseverance.

"In order to get there, whatever that is, you have to give up the notion of ever giving up. You literally have to give that up," Bacon says. "Nobody has ever made it who wasn't persevering."

What are you striving for?

Find out how Gotham Chopra's Help Desk is bringing spirtual wisdom to the streets.

A Nobel Peace Prize Winner’s Thoughts on Fear

Bravery is a hard thing to muster in the face of fear, but that’s why the story of Malala Yousafzai is so inspiring. By age 11, Yousafzai was speaking out against the Taliban rule in her homeland of Pakistan. For years she demanded an education for all children, regardless of race, gender or religion, and in 2012 her bravery was answered with a gunman’s bullet to her head. 

Yousafzai has since recovered, won the Nobel Peace Prize, and has maintained her signature bravery, despite “feeling fear all the time,” she says in this video.

“I think life is always dangerous,” she says. “Some people get afraid of it, some people don’t go forward. But some people, if they want to achieve their goal, they have to go.”

We chose Malala Yousafzai as one of our 2014 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year runners-up. Find out who else achieved great things in 2014.

Why Entrepreneurs Do What They Do

What really drives entrepreneurs to follow their dreams? In this video from the Kauffman Founders School, author Daniel Pink says entrepreneurs are driven by three innate motivations—and not by a thirst for cash.

“The conventional view on why people become entrepreneurs is typically dead wrong,” Pink says. “A lot of folks think people become entrepreneurs because they want to make money, and you know what? If you look at studies of entrepreneurs, that’s rarely the case.”

What drives you? Share below!

Find out if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Are You Doing What You Love or Playing It Safe?

Are you doing what you love? In this clip reel from the Maharishi University of Management’s 2014 commencement ceremony, funnyman Jim Carrey talks about what he learned after his father was laid off from his “safe” job as an accountant.

“I learned many great lessons from my father, not the least of which was that you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love,” Carrey says.

Are you following your passion or playing it safe?

Find out how far your passion can take you—if you’re willing to follow it.

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