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10 Tips to Help You Innovate

In this entertaining TEDx Talk, author, entrepreneur and former Apple evangelist Guy Kawasaki delivers his top 10 tips to help you create meaningful, successful innovations in today's world.

"[Innovation] starts with the desire to make meaning as opposed to make money," he says. "Making meaning means that you change the world."

What did you think of Kawasaki's top 10? Comment below!

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Why Changing Your Focus Can Close the Sale

Have you ever noticed that the harder you push to close a sale, the less likely you are to make a deal? Jill Konrath, author of Agile Selling: Get Up to Speed Quickly in Today's Ever-Changing Sales World, explains why focusing on closing a sale can ultimately undermine your success.

"The more I wanted to to close a sale—or should I say, needed to close a sale—the less likely I was to get it. Why?" she asks. "Because my focus was on me and not my prospect."

Has your eagerness ever gotten in the way of a big sale? Share your story below!

Check out Jill Konrath's method for handling sales rejection.

Leaders, Learn the Right Way to Make Mistakes

All leaders make mistakes, says Simon Sinek, author of Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t. In this conversation with Darren Hardy, Sinek says that what separates the good leaders from the bad is how they react after their missteps.

“If they’re a good leader I think all of them made mistakes,” Sinek says. “The question is whether they were aware of their mistakes and had any intention of building upon those mistakes, and whether they seek to learn to be students of leadership.”

Listen as Sinek shares the story of David Marquet, whose initial mistakes as a naval captain ultimately led him and his crew on to greatness.

What mistakes have you made as a leader and how did you learn from them? Let us know below!

Simon Sinek explains why leaders need to focus on more than the bottom line.

How Fear Can Move You Forward

In this TED Talk, entrepreneur Kyle Kesterson, who is featured in our October 2014 issue of SUCCESS, explains how fear can be a force to propel you forward in life instead of one that holds you back.  

“We all have fears that we fight to conquer, we work to subdue…We also have fears that if you use, it can give you a supernatural drive—the kind of drive where time disappears, we turn mountains into molehills and anything becomes achievable.”

What’s your greatest fear and how can it propel you forward? Comment below!

Read about the upside to stress.

How the Internet Changed Sales Forever

What’s the biggest game-changer for sales? The Internet, says Jack Daly, sales expert and author of Hyper Sales Growth. In this clip, Daly explains to Darren Hardy how the Internet changed the future of sales.

“I will tell you, at the same time that I’m excited about the Internet, as a salesperson, I’m on alert as well,” Daly says.

Listen to what scares Daly most about the Internet and what traits you’ll need to prosper in the Digital Age. 

How is your sales team adapting to new technology? Tell us in the comments below!

Check out Jack Daly’s advice on maintaining consistent success in sales. 


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