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Productivity Habits This Expert Can't Live Without

How do high-achievers stay so productive? Productivity expert and author Laura Vanderkam studied their daily schedules to find out. In this talk with Darren Hardy, she shares a few of the habits she can't live without.

“I’m trying to be good about getting up in the morning, which may sound funny since I wrote a whole book about what the most successful people do before breakfast, and yet, I am not a morning person,” Vanderkam says.

When are you most productive? Comment below!

Find out what 4 traits most highly successful people share.

Having Trouble Asserting Yourself? Try This

Friday, October 17th 2014

How to Speak so People Will Listen

What instrument emits “the most powerful sound in the world?” Your voice, according to sound expert and author Julian Treasure. Despite that, most people don’t know how to speak in a way that encourages others to listen.

“The human voice—it’s the instrument we all play....It’s the only one that can start a war or say, ‘I love you,’” says Treasure. “And yet, many people have the experience of when they speak, people don’t listen to them.”

Treasure tells us seven speaking habits to avoid—and gives us four to try out—in this information-packed clip. Stick around for the end, when he demonstrates six vocal warm-ups that are a must before any presentation.

Did Treasure’s vocal exercises work for you? Let us know below!

Now that you know how to speak, do you know how to listen? Improve your listening skills with a 1-week listening challenge.

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Time Alone

Does enjoying your alone time make you a lonely person? Not according to author and mental strength expert Amy Morin. In fact, Morin says, setting aside just 10 minutes per day to self-reflect can have dramatic benefits.

“Often to reach our goals we have to spend some time by ourselves, and that means without our technology turned on,” she says. “Be willing to shut off your phone and shut off the TV and spend some time really reflecting on your progress, how you’re doing, and where it is that you want to go. “

Keep listening as Morin explains how to build your personal responsibility and keep more of your power.

Do you cherish your alone time or do you surround yourself with others? Tell us below!

Find out how building mental strength can help you achieve your goals.

5 Secrets for Building Self-Confidence

Do you want to build more self-confidence but you’re unsure where to begin? Author, blogger and confidence extraordinaire Brendon Burchard offers five no-nonsense tips to help you fearlessly embrace your true self.

“Confidence doesn’t have to mean you’re leaping over tall buildings,” he says. “Confidence means you’re being who you are, authentically, for no other reason. Nobody gave you permission; you just decided to be who you are.”

What’s your definition of confidence? Tell us below!

Find out how to keep your confidence high even when you’re not getting any feedback at work.


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