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How the Internet Changed Sales Forever

What’s the biggest game-changer for sales? The Internet, says Jack Daly, sales expert and author of Hyper Sales Growth. In this clip, Daly explains to Darren Hardy how the Internet changed the future of sales.

“I will tell you, at the same time that I’m excited about the Internet, as a salesperson, I’m on alert as well,” Daly says.

Listen to what scares Daly most about the Internet and what traits you’ll need to prosper in the Digital Age. 

How is your sales team adapting to new technology? Tell us in the comments below!

Check out Jack Daly’s advice on maintaining consistent success in sales. 

This Tech Tool Is Hands-Free and Life-Changing

The last time Columbia law student Alex Blaszczuk went camping, a car accident left her paralyzed from the chest down. In this video, she dons Google Glass and again heads out into the woods to regain a sense of independence.

“Glass allows me to regain that confidence and when I overcome a challenge, like becoming the navigator, I gain a little bit of that confidence I had before the accident back,” she says. “And that doesn’t go away.”

Pick up the October 2014 issue of SUCCESS to read about other tech innovations that are improving lives.

Check out 6 more wearable tech tools. Welcomes a Special Guest to Boyle Heights

In this video,, who is featured on the October 2014 cover of SUCCESS, opens the doors of his College Track tutoring center to Prince Andrew, the Duke of York.

The after-school program is located in’s childhood stomping ground — the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. College Track helps prepare students in the poverty-stricken neighborhood for college with classes in robotics, computer graphics, Mandarin Chinese and more. 

“This is preparing you for the real world, but with real tools that the real world is actually using,” says. “We’re trying to change communities and we’re passionate about project-based learning.”

Hear what the Duke of York has to say after touring the program. 

The Simple Method for Staying Consistent in Sales

A day in the life of a salesperson has its ups and downs, but how do you stay consistently successful throughout them? Veteran salesman Jack Daly talks with Darren Hardy about his simple method for keeping on an even keel no matter what.

“It’s one word: activities,” Daly says.

Find out which activities Daly works into his schedule—and how closely he sticks with them—in this short clip.

This Smart Cup Is the Key to Healthy Hydration

Struggling to stay hydrated without adding too many liquid calories into your diet? Now there’s a new tool to help. The Vessyl cup, featured in our October issue of SUCCESS, utilizes technology seven years in the making to detect the health stats of any beverage.

“The Vessyl automatically knows what’s inside and can track in real time the contents of the beverage, whether that’s calories, sugar, protein, fat and more,” says Justin Lee, co-founder and CEO of Mark One, the company that produces the Vessyl.

The Vessyl also includes a spill-proof lid, wireless charging capabilities and syncs up with other activity-tracking technology.

Follow these 10 steps for a healthier you. 


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