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Don’t Undervalue Your Personal Network

In this talk with Darren Hardy, author Michael Simmons discusses why people tend to undervalue their personal networks.

“In most of personal development, you’re focusing on a goal,” he says. “You work back from a big goal going backwards to specific steps…whereas relationship building is much more serendipitous and hard to predict.”

Here are 8 tips to keep your networking efforts from fizzling.

Remembering Leonard Nimoy, Spock of 'Star Trek'

Actor, director and author Leonard Nimoy died Friday, Feb. 27, at the age of 83. This video from The New York Times follows Nimoy’s iconic roles in a career that spanned decades and inspired fans all over the world.

“Is there a more famous TV gesture than the Vulcan salute? Leonard Nimoy, who popularized the gesture in his role as Mr. Spock on the '60s TV series, Star Trek, both lived long and prospered before dying at the age of 83.”

Pico Iyer on the Benefits of Staying Still

Travel writer Pico Iyer has made a career out of traveling to far-off corners of the world in search of a story. In this TED Talk, he shuns that globetrotting reputation in favor of staying put.  

“I found that the best way that I could develop more attentive and more appreciative eyes was, oddly, by going nowhere; just by sitting still,” he says. “And of course sitting still is how many of us get what we most crave and need in our accelerated lives—a break—but it was also the only way that I could find to sift through the slideshow of my experience and make sense of the future and the past.”

Will you take Iyer’s advice and plan a stillcation?

Read more about the benefits of going nowhere.

6 Ingredients to a Great Life

What really matters in life? Bestselling author and life coach Marshall Goldsmith breaks it down into six components, starting with good health.

“Take care of yourself. Invest in your health,” he says. “In the short term, it may not seem as important as what you’re doing today. In the long term, it adds up.”

Keep watching for all six ingredients for a great life.

Get more tips on how to be your own life coach.

Here’s the Way out of Your Professional Rut

In this edition of Gotham Chopra's Help Desk, 29-year-old Sierra seeks a way out of her professional rut. Rev. Ed Bacon says it comes down to one thing: perseverance.

"In order to get there, whatever that is, you have to give up the notion of ever giving up. You literally have to give that up," Bacon says. "Nobody has ever made it who wasn't persevering."

What are you striving for?

Find out how Gotham Chopra's Help Desk is bringing spirtual wisdom to the streets.

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