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Why Being Busy Isn't Impressive

In this spirited TEDx Youth Talk, reformed overachiever Carlin Daharsh explains why being busy is not the same thing as being productive and why it isn’t impressive.

“I had people coming at me from every direction [during high school], telling me what I needed to do, needed to learn, needed to know, needed to try, needed to be good at in order to be successful,” she says. “Now, I know that they only wanted what was best for me, but I became a victim of society’s theory implying the busier you are, the more impressive you seem.”

What unimportant tasks are you willing to give up?

Think you’re too busy for introspection? Think again.

Why You Need to Follow Your Own Path

Though he’s only 23 years old, Brian Wong is already a successful venture capitalist and founder of the mobile advertising company Kiip. In this chat with Darren Hardy, Wong talks about what it feels like to be looked at as an example of success and cautions us all to take his advice “with a grain of salt.”

“I did the things I did in my own economic environment, social environment, etc. etc. People always have their own unique environments that they thrive in, so try to take the principles that might be driving my decisions versus what I did,” Wong explains. “There is no playbook; there is no step-by-step.”

Where’s your path taking you? Share your story below!

Find out how to handle the frustrations that come up along the way.

You Don't Have All the Answers, and That's OK

At some point in your life, you’ve been faced with a question you didn’t know the answer to. Think back: Did you own up to your ignorance or, like author and leadership advisor Peter Bregman, did you simply pretend to know?

In this eye-opening TEDx Talk, Bregman talks about the power he found when he stopped pretending and embraced uncertainty.

“The most engagement, the most creativity, the most innovation comes not from knowing things, but from not knowing things,” he says.

What are you feeling unsure about?

Hear what Peter Bregman has to say about productivity and focus.

The Men Who Inspire Liam Neeson

Prolific actor and our February 2015 SUCCESS cover guy Liam Neeson has brought many iconic roles to the screen and the stage and, after his smash hit Taken hit theaters in 2009, the 62-year-old has added a bevvy of action flicks to his resume. In this segment from Good Morning America, Neeson discusses the track of his career and talks about some of his late-in-life inspirations: men like John Wayne, Robert Mitchum and Steve McQueen.

“They were loners and they were complex guys, but they had a good moral compass,” Neeson says. “They had a dignity.”

What do you think: Is Neeson the next John Wayne?

How well do you know Liam Neeson’s signature movie lines? Take our quiz and find out.

9 Habits to Stop Now

In this edition of The Tim Ferriss Show, life-hacking expert and podcast host Tim Ferriss says there are nine bad habits standing in the way of productivity.

“If you don’t have time, the truth is, you don’t have priorities,” Ferriss says. “Think harder; don’t work harder.”

Which of Ferriss’ “not-to-do’s” are you guilty of?

Check out 7 of our favorite podcasts. Give them a listen to become a more well-rounded person.



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