You’ve Got 16 Weeks

I was on the phone yesterday discussing sales projections and strategy with one of my coaching clients, and he said something that startled me, “but Mel, there’s only 16 weeks left in the year.”

16 weeks?!  The kids just went back to school!  How is that possible?  That’s not a lot of time.

I have some seriously big plans for 2011.  Hearing that I only had 16 weeks left, ’til 2012, just put a fire under my butt.  I spent the last two weeks getting the kids’ organized and focused in their back-to-school routine.

Now it’s my turn to get myself organized and focused on getting what I want!

There’s still plenty time to get what you want.  If you get busy.

Take 11 minutes right now to set yourself up to win.  Here’s how…

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