You Can Do Anything

Tom Bilyeu, co-founder of Quest Nutrition, once believed that he had limits, that everything about him was fixed—and hopelessly unchangeable. But a lesson in biology, the belief that the brain is like plastic and can be shaped over time, completely changed his mind. With a new outlook, he was convinced: Anyone can become better at anything.

“It became a question of believing I could do it and having the will to see it through…. I was willing to believe anything that moved me forward, and I was willing to work way f*****g harder than anyone else,” he says.

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That was when Bilyeu knew he had an advantage over others. Because even though there are real, physical limits in life, he doesn’t let them call the shots. So focusing on any limit is pointless in the grand scheme of goal-getting, he says. Believing anything is doable without limitation may be a lie, but it’s an important lie to embrace—because it empowers the doer.

You are the result of the things you allow yourself to believe… and if you tell yourself an empowering story, if you believe things about yourself that are empowering, even if they’re a f*****g lie, they’ll set you up for success,” Bilyeu says.

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Editor’s note: This video contains brief adult language.

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