Women, Take Ownership of Who You Are

UPDATED: March 10, 2020
PUBLISHED: March 8, 2020
Women, Take Ownership of Who You Are

“The cost of your new life is your old one.”
Rachel Hollis

When it comes to the life you are trying to create for yourself, you need to remember that any dream worth chasing isn’t easy. Some people are going to criticize you, others will doubt you and some may even try to change you, but if you work with integrity and authenticity, no one can take your dreams away from you.

Women, remember you CAN work toward any goal without permission. The only person who can stop you, is YOU.

This International Women’s Day, learn what Rachel Hollis, Marie Forleo and Christy Wright have to say about the importance of owning who you are—and then get out there and pursue the things you want!

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Photo by Eleanor Julius/Twenty20.com

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