Winning the Race of Life

The new issue of SUCCESS hits newsstand today! This issue features our cover story with Lance Armstrong on Winning the Race of Life. This issue also focuses on health, not in terms of diets, practices or plans that give short-term solutions, but on health as a philosophy, as an outlook on life.

Like your finances, health is one of those easy measures of how you are doing. It’s easy to see if you are continually building your savings, growing your wealth and securing your future, or if you are constantly overdrawn and becoming bankrupt from overindulgences and poor decisions and practices.

Just as you can look at your bank account and get a good measure of your financial health, you can also take a look in the mirror and get a good measure of your physical health.

If you look at your physical health, you get a reflection of what is going on in your head. Your mindset, your philosophy and your attitude are most often the forces behind your current state of physical health. Your philosophy and mindset are also what produce the health of your finances, your relationships and your business.

Think about this: Why do 95 percent of people who go on a diet end up gaining all the weight back?

Here is why: They thought their weight was the problem. They thought that if they lost the weight, the problem would be gone. Not so. After all, the weight itself was never the problem. Their attitudes, philosophies and feelings about themselves were the problems; the weight was simply a symptom, or an outcome, of their philosophy.

Here is the key to your health (your physical health, as well as the health of your relationships, business and finances): You will only ever have the health that matches your level of self, meaning your self-image and self-worth. To improve your health, look in the mirror, not to see your body, but to see you—your feelings and attitudes about yourself and what’s possible for you.

You will only ever have the health that matches your level of self, meaning your self-image and self-worth.

So, what’s the solution? Go to work on you, not your weight, your relationships or your finances. Work on you, your beliefs about yourself and your personal philosophy—who you are and who you are worthy of becoming. You can only achieve the health you think you are worthy of.

In this issue are several health experts who can help you chart a course to a more vital life. I especially love the Jack LaLanne feature (link to article) and, of course, our Lance Armstrong feature (link to article).

When you get your copy in the mail or from newsstands be sure to listen to my interviews with Dr. Kenneth Cooper and Shawn Phillips on the DualDisc™ inside the issue; they’re fascinating!

I also encourage you to enroll in our 90-Day FIT for SUCCESS Challenge. I will be participating, and so will many of the SUCCESS team members. Come get strong, and get FIT with us!

Cheers, to your health! -Darren Hardy, publisher SUCCESS

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