Why You Should Face Your Fears

UPDATED: November 5, 2020
PUBLISHED: October 29, 2020

[Simon T. Bailey] Oftentimes, I’ve been asked the question, how does fear hold a person back?

[Anthony Trucks] It holds us back in interesting ways. It usually shows up in areas where we don’t comprehend it’s actually there, and we don’t even use the language of “I’m afraid of something” or “I’m scared of something.”

[Cheyenne Bryant] Fear is an illusion. Fear is you predicting what the outcome of something that hasn’t even happened is going to be.

[Kindra Hall] In most cases, fear is a choice.

[Simon T. Bailey] Fear, often, causes a person to forget their voice, and when they forget their voice, they can’t find their words. When they can’t find their words, they don’t find their freedom.

[Kindra Hall] Fear is weird in that way. It shows up or it doesn’t show up in the most random times and ways. And while fear can be good, right, it can keep you safe, it’s also an inhibitor of joy.

[Anthony Trucks] And so what it does, it shows up in procrastination, in excuses, in passive areas. Letting timeframes pass, letting deadlines pass. And what happens is, it shows up in areas where in hindsight, we realize we just didn’t get that thing done, and typically, it’s because we’re afraid of it and we just won’t say it.

[Cheyenne Bryant] Listen, fear holds you back from everything you truly want. From your dreams. Holds you back from your empowerment, from your accolades, from your success, from your balance, from your wholesome, from your harmony, from everything you truly want.

[Simon T. Bailey] It causes their potential to literally be stuck in a straight jacket of limitation.

[Anthony Trucks] See, most people think that fear is this thing where it’s never something you can overcome. It’s always gonna be in the background, but it doesn’t always have to be that way and it doesn’t always have to be debilitating.

[Cheyenne Bryant] How do you cultivate fearlessness is by facing every fear you have and doing everything you want to do anyways.

[Kindra Hall] When you feel fear, that’s how you know exactly where to run to or what to run toward.

[Anthony Trucks] The more you get to play in this situation, the less you have to worry about fear. And in fact, you cultivate this fearlessness because of the fact that you get used to it. You start to find that the monster that is so scary has no teeth.

[Cheyenne Bryant] And what happens is you become empowered to continue to face your fears every day until it becomes a lifestyle.

[Simon T. Bailey] And because of that intentional action, step and commitment, you break out of the fear one step at a time.

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