Why You Have to Get Uncomfortable to Realize Your Potential

Where Brendon Burchard grew up, you didn’t settle disagreements with your words?you did it with your fists. Following the lead of men in his hometown, he didn’t share his emotions in a verbal, expressive way?and it wasn’t until going to college that he explored new ways to communicate. So when Burchard hears feedback from his stage performances, rave reviews of how he seems like a natural speaker, it reminds him of how far he has come. In its most basic form, talking wasn’t his strength. He had to work for it.

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No matter where you’re from or what your background is, Burchard says you can learn to do almost anything. So if you aren’t good at something but it’s a huge part of your dreams, do it anyway. Learn to fall in love with discomfort, because playing to your strengths only keeps you stagnant, he says.

“Just know this is meant for you. This hardship, this disappointment, it is forging a strength and character you can’t get somewhere else.” ?Brendon Burchard

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Running time: 35:26

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