Why Motivation Is Garbage?

Motivation is never there when you need it. Former criminal defense attorney turned CNN contributor and best-selling author Mel Robbins believes that if you want to build the life of your dreams, you have to force yourself to take action.

In this episode of Impact Theory, Mel and I take a deeper dive into the well-researched insights she presented in her TED Talk, “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over”—one of the top 20 TED Talks in the world—and her brand new book titled The 5 Second Rule.

Mel says that at some point we all bought into the lie that we have to feel ready in order to change, but our brains are not designed to do things that are uncomfortable, scary or difficult. The key is to learn how to take control of micro-moments and make reality-shifting decisions within a matter of seconds.

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“You can truly trace every problem or complaint in your life to silence and hesitation,” she says. “You get trapped in what I call the knowledge-action gap. You know what to do, but you can’t seem to make yourself do it.”

Chock-full of actionable takeaways, this episode of Impact Theory covers:

  • The power of making a five-second decision that changes everything
  • How metacognition, habit loops and the basal ganglia affect decision-making
  • Why it is critical to develop the skill of quickly leaning into wisdom and intention

“Your life comes down to your decisions,” Mel says. “And if you change your decisions you will change everything.”

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