Why Love Is Good for Business


In this episode of Behind the Brand, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Bryan Elliott asks leadership expert Simon Sinek to share the best definition of love he’s ever heard. His answer?

“Giving someone the power to destroy you and trusting they won"t use it.”

And he thinks it’s the same in business.

“When we make ourselves vulnerable—to our own employees, to our own partners, to our own colleagues—we give them the power to destroy the business and trust that they won’t,” Sinek says.

And because everyone wants to feel valued and valuable, it"s “when we treat people with respect and we hire people who believe what we believe and we treat people like human beings” when things start working.

“If you want to build a fast-growth business, ignore everything I’m telling you. If you want to build a stable business, a business that lasts, that potentially could outlast you…. [know that] like any kind of relationship, it doesn’t happen overnight.”


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