Why is Hugh Jackman Laughing?

You might only think of Hugh Jackman as an indestructible superhero on the set of The Wolverine. Yes, he’s wildly successful, having starred in action films like X Men and the musical drama Les Miserables. But Hugh Jackman is also a real-life superhero fighting real-world battles with the charity he founded, Laughing Man Worldwide, which empowers coffee-farming entrepreneurs to responsibly grow their businesses and make a difference in their communities.

Rewind to a fateful trip to Ethiopia with World Vision, and enter Dukale, a coffee farmer. “I met a man who changed the way I looked at the world,” Jackman says. “As Dukale and I planted coffee trees together, I began to see the potential for one man’s hard work to transform an entire community.” That’s when he made a promise to help, to help “all be happy” by supporting the idea that commerce and community grow together.

The goal of Laughing Man Worldwide, which Jackman founded with David and Barry Steingard, is to help independent entrepreneurs such as Dukale help their respective communities. By helping these entrepreneurs build their businesses, Laughing Man becomes part owner, and 100 percent of that revenue is put toward education, community development and new business development. All profits for all charity.

In the Laughing Man marketplace  you’ll find Laughing Man Coffee & Tea, chocolate, accessories and wearable gear. Their guiding principle for product selection: respect. Respect for the farmer, the land, the bean and the community.

That’s the power of the initiative—finding and helping grow a business that really wants to share its success, a business that believes in global change, in “opening the door” for less-fortunate communities.


Jessica Krampe is the digital managing editor for SUCCESS.com. A graduate of the Missouri School of Journalism, Jessica has worked for news, entertainment, business and lifestyle publications. Outside of the daily grind, she enjoys happy hours, live music and traveling.

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