When Saying No Becomes Better Than Always Saying Yes


In this episode of Behind the Brand, Bryan Elliott talks to chef and entrepreneur Jamie Oliver about transitioning from being someone who makes great food to celebrity status.

“It wasn’t intentional; I didn’t want to get on TV,” Oliver says. “The worst people are the ones that want to get on TV. I think you just have to be in a position where you’re working somewhere of interest and things should just happen.”

It was about being in the right place at the right time—doing the right thing the right way. Oliver was covering quick, colorful cooking stuff when a film crew was present doing a documentary about the restaurant he was working at in England, The River Café. Six months later, when the show aired, the phone calls started—he’d been “discovered.” That’s how The Naked Chef was born.

But when he started to get bored and cynical about the celebrity lifestyle, that’s when he realized what he said “no” to was more important than what he said “yes” to.

And being able to say no, there’s power to that.

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