What’s Your Big Idea?

How can you tap into your creative potential and launch your big idea? You know… the idea that currently lives only in your head? Donny Deutsch, host of the hit CNBC show The Big Idea and author of a book of the same title, says there are six things you can do to help uncover your next big idea.

1. Find it, fine-tune it and follow it. Start somewhere and do something. Taking action is the most important step. 2. Take risks instead of improving upon what has already been done. Do something fresh or with a different flavor to it. 3. Get in the game. There's something to be said for when it is all on the line and it all depends on you. Failure will happen but it brings about successes. 4. Find your brand, hone it and stay true to it. Branding is all about discovering and staying consistent with a core value. 5. Ask yourself the following questions: What did you love as a kid? What was your best day and what were you doing? What would you do if you weren't being paid? 6. Check your passion gauge. There's something all successful entrepreneurs have in common – they love what they are doing. Unless you are passionate about your idea – meaning it gives you excitement, energy and enthusiasm – it will be difficult for you to be successful. 7. Discard your naïve sense of entitlement. Instead of thinking you deserve something, develop humility and a genuine sense of appreciation for the opportunities you are given.


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