What the Future of Innovation Has in Store for Entrepreneurs

With the mind of a master futurist, Peter Diamandis is constantly looking for the blind spots in a world of rapid innovation. As he shares his vision with SUCCESS Live attendees in Long Beach, it’s clear that he’s thought of almost everything. He talks about predicting how you’ll die based on your genome, and then fixing the problem before it ever gets to happen. He shares how a piece of software could teach kids basic literacy in 18 months without a single adult.

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But Diamandis, founder of the XPRIZE Foundation, says the most exciting thing about innovation is not the technology itself; it’s the way these inventions are changing business.

Before computers reached households, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network managed to build a network between every computer in the United States, a precursor for what we call the internet. This innovation sparked a wave of opportunities for business and technology to collide, from the invention of the World Wide Web to the creation of the AppStore. When two systems merge in a beautiful way like this, Diamandis calls it an interface moment.

We’ve come a long way technologically, but how much further can we go? In Diamandis’ opinion, the biggest interface moment in history is about to take place.


“In the next decade, it’s going to make today look like we’re standing still. The only constant is change. And the rate of change is increasing.” —Peter Diamandis

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Filmed September 2017 at SUCCESS Live in Long Beach

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