What Harry Truman Taught Author Andy Andrews

At age 19, author Andy Andrews lost his mother to cancer, his father died in a car accident and he dropped out of college, penniless. He began living on the street. But one day, another homeless man gave Andrews a library card. It was the turning point in his life. He began reading the biographies of famous, successful people.

Learning how other people achieve success became an obsession for him. Today, he’s the best-selling author of The Traveler’s Gift, a novel about a man who time-travels and meets figures from history who teach him lessons in living.

Andrews shares some of the principles he’s learned from history and current greats:

Be Responsible and Make a Decision. Harry Truman kept a famous sign on his desk that read, “The buck stops here.”

Seek Wisdom. Listen to the guidance that is offered by people you trust. Napoleon lost the Battle of Waterloo because he failed to listen to his troops.

Be a Person of Action. Seize the moment. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard to build a computer system that became Microsoft.

Have a Decided Heart. Ignore rejection. Let passion be your guide. Joan of Arc was only 17 when she led the armies of France against the English.

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