What Happens When You Realize Your Work Really Matters? It’s Called a Mission Moment

What do you call a moment that is packed with power, one that inspires you to work harder and live better? Phil Lussier, board chairman of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, labels it a “mission moment”—a moment that reminds us of the real purpose behind that hard work and better living. 

Lussier was a Make-A-Wish parent first, and after his child’s wish was granted, he felt emotionally empowered to become more involved in the foundation. Since then, he continuously stresses to employees and volunteers the need to remember their company’s mission—by experiencing moments. So at every board meeting, the chairman has a wish child visit to share their Make-A-Wish experience—heartfelt moments that remind everyone in the room why they do what they do.

Take Bill George, former CEO of Medtronic, a medical technology company that manufactures insulin pumps, as another witness to mission moments. George considers the emotional connection between the employees and the Medtronic mission one of the company’s greatest successes.

During the company’s annual holiday party, the employees assemble in the company’s auditorium, along with thousands of other colleagues watching via webcast, to hear six patient testimonials. They warmly share how Medtronic products saved their lives, and after they are finished, there is never a dry eye in the room. Through the personal stories and expressed feelings of the patients, the Medtronic employees rediscover just how important their work is—how it’s not about making money for themselves or the company, but making a difference in the lives of others. By seeing their impact on the patients, the employees are able to understand the life-changing scope of their work.

Too often, we can forget our mission. It’s very easy to be swept away in our schedules, commitments or workflow. But we can remember what our mission is by experiencing moments—whether it’s a child’s visit to Make-A-Wish or a Medtronic customer explaining how their health and life have improved. To stay connected to your work in a more personal way, search for these moments that remind you of your purpose and the impact you have on others. 

Have you ever experienced a mission moment? I’d love to hear your inspirational story. Leave me a comment!

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