What Failure Actually Means?


In this episode of Behind the Brand, Bryan Elliott talks to comedian and internet personality Hannah Hart about how failure can be good for success.

She discovered this for herself after trudging through a rough 2012, the year she used to call a complete a failure. Back then her ideas weren’t resonating within the entertainment industry, so she decided to go on a goodbye tour. But the response from her fans was overwhelming—and so instead of calling it quits, she ended up extending the tour, writing a book and selling a movie.

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“You could be like, Aha, 2012 was a failure; 2013 was a success,” Hart says. “But 2013 would not have happened without 2012. So it wasn’t a misstep; it was just a step.”

Hart says if you try something and fail, it’s really just succeeding at trying. When you know that failures are not final, you can make something out of them.

“Even in [failure], your brain is learning how to figure out how to utilize the parts that you do have…. It’s a muscle you’re building.”

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