What Being a Mentor Is Really All About

UPDATED: March 26, 2020
PUBLISHED: March 26, 2020

My deep desire is to be so generous with my heart and with my knowledge, that [the people I mentor] can, if they choose, do even better than me.”

Being a mentor isn’t a job with a single definition. As a mentor, you’ll play the role of a teacher, a coach, a listener, an energy manager and sometimes even a friend.

To become a mentor is to have the desire to share your experiences with someone else, and to help them grow using the lessons you’ve already learned.

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Photo by Brooke Cagle/Unsplash.com

Leanne Jacobs is an international speaker specializing in holistic wealth creation, energy management and sustainable leadership.

She is the author of BEAUTIFUL MONEY (Penguin Random House) and the founder of HealthyGirl. Leanne is also a certified yoga and pilates instructor, as well as a clinical nutritionist and a passionate advocate for holistic wealth, wellness and entrepreneurship.

She is a former sales and marketing executive working with L'Oreal, DuPont, Nike, and Johnson & Johnson. She is regularly featured in the media and has appeared in: Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Dr. Oz Show, Success, Fox, Glamour, Marie-Claire, Women's Health and the Jenny McCarthy Show.

Leanne has her B.Sc in Biomedical Toxicology as well as her MBA.