We’re giving 2010 a kick-start.

Welcome to the first issue of SUCCESS for the year 2010! We are excited to have you with us as we kick-start a fantastic year of personal growth and achievement.

In our editorial planning meeting a few months ago, we started brainstorming ideas for this January issue. What we discovered was that, while we each have our own plans and goals, we all had one common desire for 2010: We wanted to start the year strong! So instead of the standard recycled New Year’s resolutions, we decided to get a little creative this time around.

We flipped through our (digital) Rolodex and contacted some of the most well-respected and well-known personal-development experts, including Stedman Graham, Jack Canfield and Robin Sharma. We asked them one question: What will you do to make sure you have your best year ever? As you’ll see in our feature story, “ Kick-Start Your New Year,” we got phenomenal answers filled with innovative tips and advice that will set your year in motion from Day One.

But we didn’t stop there. Here at SUCCESS, we are fortunate to have a team of positive, creative folks. So, Editor Lisa Ocker (pictured above with, left to right: Amy Anderson/Managing Editor, Sandra Bienkowski/Columns Editor, Lisa Ocker and Brandy Jules/Researcher/Staff Writer) scoured the building asking the same question. After reaching out to our team members, Lisa found that most of the answers related to our lives outside of the office. “What struck me was how these short but insightful responses said so much about my co-workers and their priorities and passions,” Lisa says.

We hope that as you read this issue, you’ll learn as much about yourself and how to achieve your goals as we learned about each other.

And since the New Year brings new opportunities to build your own business, we included in this issue an interview with Apple veteran and entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki, who talks timing, tools and mission statements. Plus, we’re excited to present an exclusive interview with Grammy-winner Alicia Keys—singer, songwriter, businesswoman and philanthropist.

We hope you get as much out of reading this issue as we did creating it. And we thank you for joining our SUCCESS team in making 2010 the best year ever!

Deborah K. Heisz
Editor in Chief
SUCCESS Magazine


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