Wake-up Call Survey

Changing Attitudes Over the past year, how would you describe your overall attitude? More conservative 20% 138 respondents More innovative 47.2% 325 respondents More aggressive 26.9% 185 respondents No change 6% 41 respondents

Making Connections In your relationships over the past year, have you: Actively sought new friends/connections 54.3% 372 respondents Spent more time with family 46.1 % 316 respondents Reached out to old friends 33% 226 respondents Worked harder on your marriage 24.8% 170 respondents

Wealth Matters How has your attitude toward wealth changed over the past year? More aware of your ability to create prosperity 42.3% 292 respondents More innovative in your approach to creating wealth 37.8% 261 respondents More focused on protecting what you have 19.9% 137 respondents

Entrepreneurial Pursuits Over the past year, how has your interest in entrepreneurship changed? Officially launched your own business 47.1% 288 respondents Thought about starting your own business 28% 171 respondents Taken steps to start a business 24.9% 152 respondents

Focus on Health Over the past year, how has your attention to your health changed? Make healthier food choices 58.5% 398 respondents Exercise more often 43.2% 294 respondents Eat out less 35.6% 242 respondents Vary your exercise routine 21% 142 respondents

Business Approach Over the past year, how has your approach to your business changed? Working harder to innovate 42.6% 290 respondents Taking risks and trying to grow your business 37.9% 258 respondents Streamlining processes and improving efficiency 34.1% 232 respondents Focusing on improving customer service 33.1% 225 respondents Playing it safe and hunkering down 8.7% 59 respondents

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