Viewers Tackle Sales with Gitomer’s Tested Strategies

Timing is everything.

The 12-week SUCCESS Sales Challenge—which kicked off in October ’09—seemed to come
at just the right time for many readers. SUCCESS collaborated with Jeffrey Gitomer, one of the foremost experts on
the subject,
and designed the challenge to provide participants with a practical, interactive experience that would help sharpen their
sales skills, rethink their sales strategies in the field, and better adapt to this tough economic climate. As Melinda Eames
of Designer Blinds shared:

Love your SUCCESS Sales Challenge video—‘extra mile!’ We passed it around
to everyone—all the customer service reps, production managers, etc. It was absolutely perfect timing, as we were just
doing service training with our customer service reps and starting some new initiatives with our managers! It really reinforces
things we already know but maybe take for granted or don’t do, and helps us look at opportunities with new enthusiasm.
Just what we needed. Thanks for all you do! Looking forward to a great new year!”

Gitomer threw himself into the challenge
and led the charge to help transform sales teams and professionals into a sales force! His “Declaration
of Windependence!”

helped channel the right mindset:

“Your success with this challenge will not depend upon the principles,
practicals and experiences that I’m going to share with you over the next few months. It begins with your mindset. The
winning mindset is a happy mindset. And happiness is now—not after you complete this challenge. Your life will
be filled with challenges, barriers and disappointments. It’s best to admit this to yourself and decide to be happy
anyway. Happiness is now. When you come to that realization, you’re ready to take on any challenge. So, let’s

Over the following weeks, Gitomer advised and encouraged readers with in-depth posts, free downloads and high-octane
videos that addressed:

How to uncover the buyer’s motives (the real key to the
sale) to double your sales and
eliminate your competitors

The “golden list” of questions that need to
be answered
to better
understand each of your clients/prospects

The difference between
power questions and dumb questions

Building your image, your brand and your reputation (a two-part

Why being good just isn’t good enough

Seizing extra-mile opportunities—especially
in today’s challenging economy

Why humor is the highest form of language mastery—and
to closing

What Santa has to do with sales inspiration

Drawing thousands of weekly page views,
readers shared with Gitomer and SUCCESS the impact the challenge had on both their personal lives and business practices:


“I needed a sales challenge in a bad way. I’m fired up now. Your Declaration of Windependence is a masterpiece,
and I’m listening to it (for the fourth time) as I write this. OK, I’m going to do the work now and for the next
25 years. Keep the inspiration and the valuable info coming!” — Comment submitted by twohundredhorses

6.5-step formula is perfect! I pride myself on having a better-than-average attitude as a result of reading, courses, positive
people, and working deliberately to see everything as a glass-half-full instead of half-empty. It makes life so much easier.
What I liked best on your list is No. 6.5: “The Can Do Attitude.” If we smile, our attitude is automatically positive
and upbeat. Try to always smile while talking on the telephone to your clients, friends, etc.—it works wonders! Now,
I am beginning to apply the “Can Do” thinking to my obstacles as they appear. It’s slow—progress,
not perfection. More PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). Great way to start a new challenge. There is a verse in the Bible that
says, ‘I can do all things…’ For that, I am thankful!” —Comment submitted by Nat

As the author
of four consecutive Wall Street Journal business best-sellers—Little Red Book of Selling, Little Red
Book of Sales Answers
Little Black Book of Connections and Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude—Jeffrey Gitomer has galvanized
sales leadership
and training worldwide, transforming the perception of what it means to sell for both global enterprises and sole proprietors.

If you’re in need of some sales coaching—or cheerleading, for that matter—you can access the blog
at We’ve also archived the
videos for your convenience on


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