Unleash Your Humor Being

UPDATED: June 19, 2014
PUBLISHED: June 19, 2014

We’re living in a world that’s moving incredibly fast. On top of our personal problems and everyday pressures, newspapers and evening newscasts tell us our economy is falling apart, corporations are being forced to downsize and massive technological advances are causing people to re-evaluate, adjust and change their lives.

Cell phones, Blackberries, iPhones and tablet devices, e-mails, text messages and even micro-communication applications like Twitter are clogging our minds with an overwhelming amount of information, leaving us with little or no time to relax, unwind and focus our attention on the big picture. Feeling depressed yet?

I honestly believe that our ability to shift and occasionally laugh off the major and minor tensions in our lives is crucial in order for us to survive the insanity. I’m not just suggesting this, I’m telling you. We have to take time out of each day and laugh. 

Why do you think that people go to comedy clubs, watch sitcoms or see funny movies? Because they want to laugh. Why do they want to laugh? Simply put, laughing makes you feel good, and it’s good for you.

A physiological and mental reaction takes place when you laugh. It charges your inner battery and helps you cope with tough times.  Even if you are having a really bad day, when you laugh life doesn’t seem that bad after all.  In fact it can be the one spark you need to move forward with optimism.

This is why I urge you to unleash the power of your Humor Being on a daily basis. Right now you’re probably wondering, “Great, Steve.  I’ll do that.  But what is a ‘Humor Being?’” Your Humor Being is a part of you that brings out the best in you when times get tough. What your Humor Being gives you more than anything else is peace of mind, emotional stability and the strength to move on with your life. The following is a perfect example.

Years ago, I was watching a television news special. Dan Rather was interviewing Bill Cosby only weeks after his son was murdered.  After sharing his grief over his son’s death, the comedian was asked what I thought was a very difficult, if not unfair, question.

“Now that Bill Cosby’s son is no longer with us,” said Rather, “what will Bill Cosby do with the rest of his life?” Cosby contemplated the question for a few seconds and confidently said, “I think it’s time for me to tell the people that we have to laugh. We’ve got to laugh. You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, you can survive it.” I think that about says it all!