Tweeting No-Nos

You and Twitter have come a long way… from gossiping about teen heartthrobs to marketing your business. But don’t abuse the microblog tool, says Ilana Bercovitz, a social media expert who works for San Francisco-based ReTargeter. She says the five worst Twitter sins are:

» Shameless self-promotion. Tweet about your business, but in moderation. And always add value to the conversation—news people can use or will enjoy sharing.

» Retweeting mentions of your brand. If you keep retweeting a mention, it looks as if you have nothing to say. Would you continually repeat compliments you received? Probably not. Same goes for Twitter: Send thanks to the person who mentioned you and move on.

» Using too many hashtags. #Stuffing your #tweets with #hashtags automatically makes a business look like a #spammer! Pick one or two keywords related to your tweet and place those at the end of hashtags… the moderation thing, remember?

» Including misleading link descriptions. It’s annoying to click on a link in an interesting tweet and end up on an unrelated page. Everyone wants high click-through rates, high engagement and large followings, but misleading links hurt your reputation.

» Making robot posts. Yes, busy little ol’ you wants to be social online, so you schedule tweets in advance with a service. Overusing a scheduler can make you seem like a robot, though, so send scheduled tweets in moderation (that word again!) and always inject personality into them.

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