Trade-Show Secrets

Is attending a trade show worth the time and money? Although marketers find it challenging to measure the return on this investment, many feel there’s no better scenario for trust-building than seeing customers and vendors face to face. If you’re looking for sources of products, potential vendors and new customers all in one place, a trade show just might be right for you. You can maximize the returns using these tips:

➽ Researching the trade shows for your specific industry. Check and Tradeshow Week, where you can search by industry, date, city and other factors.

➽ Asking trade-show management for analytics and information about how the show is being marketed (traditional media? social media?). Work with them to determine how you can reap the greatest exposure.

➽ Setting goals for what you want from the show—whether it’s introducing your new business or signing up clients.

➽ Dress to impress, bring lots of business cards, and network. You might also distribute more information about your business by handing out fliers with a QR code, DVDs or flash drives.

➽ Follow up immediately with people you meet so they remember you.

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