Tory Johnson: What Exactly Do You Do?

You’ve been there before, at a party or picnic or whatever: Ask a stranger what he or she does and 10 minutes later you’re still listening, but your eyes have glazed over because you still don’t have a clue. All you want to say is, “See ya!”

If you do that in business — if you can’t articulate what you do confidently in one sentence, you’re in trouble. If can’t explain it, anyone you’re talking to probably won’t understand it. That matters bigtime because we don’t buy what we don’t get.

Last year, when I launched my Spark & Hustle conferences for small business owners, one of our more popular exercises was dubbed “Spark Tank” after the hit TV show Shark Tank. Attendees had one minute to explain who they are what they do – and then face the music from a panel. Some participants nailed it and got standing ovations; others rambled until our little desk bell cut them off; many did somewhere inbetween. Everyone learned something from the feedback.

If you don’t have your sentence down, nail it now. Be as clear and concise as possible. Don’t panic if the answer doesn’t immediately roll off your tongue. Practice. It may take time to refine it by revisiting the issue several times. But you should eventually be able to explain a just 10 seconds what you do and for whom you do it.

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Tory Johnson is CEO and founder of Spark & Hustle, a weekly contributor on ABC's Good Morning America and a contributing editor of SUCCESS magazine.

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