Top of Mind: The First Step Toward Achieving Your Goals

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Howto LaurengrayBelieving. If you do not believe, then you will never achieve. It is quite simple, actually. Even if your goal is a long shot, you have to believe at least enough to fuel your efforts. From there it becomes all about hard work and hustle.

—Lauren Imparato, founder and CEO of I.AM.YOU.


Topofmind JohnI think the first step toward achieving your goals is to first have goals. I think it is important to set achievable goals for yourself. It is also important to set stretch goals for yourself. Something that might be a little far out of reach.

—John Lyon, CEO of World Hope International


Topofmind TiffanyI visualize. I think of what short-term and long-term steps are needed to accomplish my goals and under what time line. Once I have a sense of the pacing required, I ensure that I achieve at least one thing that will move me toward these goals each day.

—Tiffany Pham, founder and CEO of MOGUL

Topofmind Matt 0I’ve found that I’m not able to achieve my goals unless I have the right people supporting me. For example, my co-founder and I agreed during our company’s infancy that finding people who fit the kind of culture we wanted to build was critical. I’m happy to say we’ve been consistent with this vision and keep checking in with one another to make sure this goal continues to become a reality.

—Matt Riley, CEO of Swiftype

Howto ChristinaThe first step toward achieving your goals is creating processes and streamlining your business. This has helped me to stay organized, not lose customers, and maintain a sense of balance between my personal and professional life.

—Christina Samoylov, founder and owner of Designer Vault


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This article appears in the February 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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