Top of Mind: How to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

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How Do You Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season?I follow a modified version of Tim Ferriss’s slow-carb approach, which allows for one cheat day a week. I plan it so my cheat day falls on Thanksgiving or Christmas. For the days in between, I can usually find a smattering of leftovers that are within my regular dietary parameters. You’re usually so satisfied after a cheat day that there’s no temptation to continue overindulging.

Sara Rose Harcus, COO, Hüify

How Do You Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season?I find it easier to stay healthy during the holidays when I’m not in work mode. There’s more time to exercise and get away from the desk. On the downside, I usually eat and drink more. The exercise usually offsets it, but I’ll often begin the first few weeks back from a holiday with more discipline and restrictions in my diet.

Michael Overell, CEO, RecruitLoop

How Do You Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season?I like to stay healthy year-round. By listening to my body and taking care of myself accordingly throughout the year, I seem to mitigate the impact of any seasonal temptations. If I do succumb to a favorite treat or a larger helping, it quickly recedes and is replaced by the balance I normally have in place.

Aaron Haynes, principal, Rise Digital

How Do You Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season?I disconnect and slow down. I’m not one to count calories, particularly at the holidays. Rather, I savor every family-filled moment and morsel. A good puzzle and homemade pie are my brain’s annual reboot.

Deanne Bell, Founder/CEO of Future Engineers and CNBC Television Host

How Do You Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season?To be honest, the holiday season is a time for relaxation and indulging. So I let loose a little more around the holiday season and stay pretty healthy the rest of the time. I spend the holidays in my hometown of Jackson Hole, Wyoming which is great for winter outdoor activities, so I burn off my holiday indulgements by staying active in skiing and snowshoeing. 

Gillian Rose Kern, co-founder, For Love & Lemons

How Do You Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season?I’m terrified of getting sick—I am still growing my business and if I’m down for the count then the business suffers. I’m a big fan of the ginger wellness shots from Pressed Juicery—I drink those, plus lots of water, exercise, get enough sleep, eat right and keep my routine as normal as possible—and not get carried away with the extra partying, eating, drinking and socializing that comes with the holidays (although we have indulge a little bit!).

Kelly Tomlinson Pollack, CEO, founder, Tomlinson Management Group

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This article originally appeared in the December 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.




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