Top of Mind: 6 Ways to Make Progress When You’re Not Feeling It

How Do You Create a Sense of Progress In Your Life?I’m always pushing myself to grow personally and professionally—especially as each fuels the other. On an annual basis, I develop a fresh business strategy that outlines and highlights my company’s new endeavors, progress and business development opportunities. I like to challenge myself by experimenting with something new, whether it is a fitness program, hobby or taking a course to educate myself culturally.

—Brandi Kamenar, CEO and founder of Brandi Kamenar Beverly Hills

How Do You Create a Sense of Progress In Your Life?Progress in your life is directly proportional to goals you set. If you are constantly challenging yourself, the growth is there for the taking. I constantly set goals, and I like to push the envelope to achieve them. You will not be successful all of the time, but you have to keep pushing regardless. Your willpower usually gets in the way and you have to keep it in check and push yourself to achieve your goals.

—Salil Gupta, CEO and partner of Vcare Technology

How Do You Create a Sense of Progress In Your Life?Reading about things I don’t know about helps me grow. I recently read a long and complicated book about libertarianism that was totally fascinating and I learned so much. I like to challenge the status quo of my thinking on fundamental issues in life, so I read a lot of books about new discoveries and theories in psychology. I also try and visit at least one new country every year with my children—this keeps a sense of adventure and travel alive in all of us and is a great way to experience things together. I like to mentor other startup founders and young entrepreneurs; I always learn something from them.

—Melinda Nicci, CEO and founder of Baby2Body

How Do You Create a Sense of Progress In Your Life?One of my greatest measurements of personal growth is feedback from customers. When I hear from them and they tell me how much they like Zootly’s services and/or products, I’m overjoyed. To put things into perspective, after receiving our very first review on Yelp, I immediately decided to invest more. Feedback from customers gives me all the strength in the world.

—Rudy Callegari, founder of Zootly

How Do You Create a Sense of Progress In Your Life?I force myself to have goals around self-development, learning, and mastery. These goals are not so much focused on achieving a milestone but on continuous learning and getting better in an area. When you are focused on a few of these goals and are deliberate about it, you can feel the growth you are achieving.

—Gulbin Hoeberechts, Chief Mom of Modern Table Meals

How Do You Create a Sense of Progress In Your Life?I am at a point in my career where my growth comes from what I can give back, not simply what I can do for myself. Legacy has become a driving force–not just for my son–but for my purpose and place on earth. Purpose is what drew me to JUST. Realizing that all my experiences to date have prepared me for this role gave me greater conviction that this was part of my journey. Doing something that helps make the world better for everyone is how I realize growth and fulfillment.

—Grace Jeon, CEO of JUST Water

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This article originally appeared in the July 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.


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