Top of Mind: 6 Ways to Find Pure, Uninterrupted Flow

What Do You Do to Achieve Flow In Your Work?Every morning I create a daily design, which is an outline of my upcoming day. I write down exactly how I want it to unfold. I email my daily design to a group of close friends who help me stay accountable for what I’m creating. At night I go back through my design and tell the truth about what actually happened in the day versus what I said would happen. Creating a daily design allows me to be the source of my day’s creation instead of simply acting in response to it.

—Lauren Zander, co-founder of The Handel Group, author of Maybe It’s You: Cut the Crap. Face Your Fears. Love Your Life.

What Do You Do to Achieve Flow In Your Work?Meditation and journaling. I’ve been meditating for years but have consistently practiced for only the last two years or so. Journaling is something I started doing again after being prompted on one of our wellness tours, and it really opened up my creativity.

Linden Schaffer, founder and director of Pravassa, author of Living Well on the Road

What Do You Do to Achieve Flow In Your Work?Prioritization is critical for achieving flow in my workday. There will always be unplanned interruptions, so it is important to look at your to-do’s first thing in the morning, and make sure you accomplish the musts even with each last-minute emergency that arises. I use Trello to view and prioritize my daily tasks to achieve this.

Candice Lu, co-founder, OnPrem Solution Partners

What Do You Do to Achieve Flow In Your Work?To ensure a positive workflow on a daily basis, I schedule group meetings on specific days of the week to ensure the bulk of information is shared at once, allowing for the rest of meetings to be quick, ad-hoc ones that happen sporadically. So that I don’t interrupt myself for smaller, less time-sensitive items, I set aside dedicated time to check and reply to emails instead of answering them as they come in, and use a note-taking app to jot down quick ideas that pop up throughout the day.

Hongwei Liu, CEO, co-founder of mappedin

What Do You Do to Achieve Flow In Your Work?I try to get a good night’s sleep and not skip out on breakfast in the morning. It’s important to have a to-do list of what your priorities are. There are always so many things to get done that it’s a good idea to set deadlines for yourself.

Jake Kassan, CEO, co-founder of MVMT Watches

What Do You Do to Achieve Flow In Your Work?I start my day early and have become comfortable with owning that even if it might raise some eyebrows—and by early, I mean 3 a.m. When I start in that quiet, still time of the day, I get all of my most challenging work done by 6 a.m., which gives me the rest of the day to be more creative, think about new flavors and marketing ideas, spend time keeping abreast of new trends in the beverage industry, and observe customers engaging with my product in the grocery store. This way, I can ensure I have afternoons free to spend with my kids when school gets out.

—Bella Hughes, president, co-founder of Shaka Tea

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This article originally appeared in the March 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.


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