Top of Mind: 6 Ways to Be More Optimistic

How Do You Stay Optimistic During Tough Times?Being an entrepreneur carries with it inevitable ups and downs. It’s in my nature to be optimistic and believe anything is possible. But that alone is not sufficient to get through tough times. A team effort—making sure I surround myself with incredibly competent people—is what gives me the confidence that we are always learning as an organization, regardless of the result.

Nadim Hossain, co-founder, CEO, BrightFunnel

How Do You Stay Optimistic During Tough Times?You have to believe in yourself. If you don’t, nobody else will. Put in the work to create a sound plan and have an unwavering belief that you will succeed.

David Johnson, chief operating officer, Fireman’s Brew


How Do You Stay Optimistic During Tough Times?I try to remember how being optimistic is a choice and that I can control how I feel. I usually invest in some self-care (such as exercising or reading a new book) and then run through my task list for the year. The time away and the reflection help me redirect my focus from the problems in the past to the possibilities of the future.

Amber Anderson, founder, CEO, Kayson

How Do You Stay Optimistic During Tough Times?I’ve been a CEO and business owner for 12 years. There were more tough times than I can count that turned out to be amazing learning experiences or blessings in disguise. I just try to keep a “we’ll see” attitude and focus on the positives. If I rode every high and low, I simply would not still be in business! As my director of operations says, “Run the tangent instead of following the curves.”

Rebecca Devaney, CEO, Hunter Creative Labs

SuHow Do You Stay Optimistic During Tough Times?rround yourself with best group of people that work well together, are completely bought into the vision and empower them to hold you accountable. When everyone is focused and headed in the same direction, optimisim is a function of execution. When you have a team that’s always delivering new learnings, there is always some future experiment to look forward to and new data to keep you thinking about what to do next.

Nikhil Hasija, CEO, Azuqua

How Do You Stay Optimistic During Tough Times?I look at every challenge as an opportunity, and I know that there is always a solution to every problem. During tough times, I focus on the big picture goal. This allows to me to remain focused on what’s important and let go of the small stuff. And I use my advisors during the tough times because I know I don’t have all the answers.

Lori Torres, founder, CEO, Parcel Pending

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This article originally appeared in the October 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.


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