Tony Robbins on How to Prime Your Body for Success

In this episode of Behind the Brand, Bryan Elliott talks to business and life strategist Tony Robbins about how to prime your body for success with specific daily habits.

Whether we notice it or not, Robbins says that we prep ourselves to be and act a certain way every day—and that by doing 10 minutes of priming in the morning, you can train your brain to do what you need it to do, no hesitation.

“I do this physical change with my breath and my body and change my biochemistry, and then I do three minutes of just thinking of three things that I’m incredibly grateful for,” he says. “I literally wire myself for it.”

After praying for himself and those around him, Robbins sets aside three minutes for his “Three to Thrive.” He thinks about the three things he’s most determined to achieve and considers them done. Soon enough the lifestyle he practices is what his body expects—but the key to making that happen is pursuing something you were born to do, he says.

“If you’re trying to push yourself to run, there’s going to be days where you do it and days you’re not…. If it’s pull, there’s something out there you want so much,” he says. “Pull is 100 times more powerful than push.”

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