To Grow Is to Fail Forward—Are You Ready?

UPDATED: May 7, 2024
PUBLISHED: February 14, 2022
To Grow Is to Fail Forward—Are You Ready?

I first met SUCCESS CEO Glenn Sanford in Palm Springs, California, where he was living, working and traveling from a 35-foot motorcoach with his partner, Debbie Biery. We were discussing what it means to build a culture of innovation—where everyone from the interns to the VPs have the courage to challenge the status quo and ask “why?” Why is it done this way? What if we tried it that way?

His goal was to instill the counter-culture concept of, “If it’s not broken, break it.” I went on to write an article about SUCCESS’ new CEO and all the ways he planned to take the brand to the next level. But the phrase and the idea stuck with me. It’s one of the main reasons I later returned to SUCCESS.

Now, in my first issue as editor-in-chief, we celebrate our 125th year as a magazine with a nod to the past in the Orison Swett Marden feature from July 1909 on the importance of precedent breakers. We celebrate the future with the SUCCESS 125: our annual list of inspiring people who have made impacts in their communities during, as they say, these unprecedented times. You’ll find this issue packed with tips for staying on track with your goals in 2022, whether financial, business, personal, health-related or leader-focused.

Expect more change in the coming issues. You’ll see new faces and voices throughout our various platforms and offerings—, SUCCESS Community, Achievers All-Access, SUCCESS Speakers Bureau, SUCCESS Coaching and SUCCESS Book Club, among others.

We’ll have missteps. You’ll see those too. We call that “failing forward.” It’s all part of the process of figuring out how best to serve you, the reader, in an increasingly complex world.

It’s telling, then, that in our 125th year as a magazine, we look to break all the molds of the previous 125 years, and continue breaking new ones, as we learn, grow and evolve—together.

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