This Simple Question Could Be the Key to Your Personal Brand Strategy According to Brand Expert Mike Kim

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“A lot of us spent our lives just climbing the ladder rung by rung by rung,” says Mike Kim, speaker, educator and consultant. “And then we realize the ladder is leaning up against the wrong building.” 

Kim started as a music director at a church in the middle of Connecticut and is now a personal branding and marketing expert. In 2013, he started building his brand by blogging every week, and then starting a podcast. But when his business really began to take off, his personal life was in shambles and he struggled with being an entrepreneur. 

This week, he chats with In the Details host Karen Allen about how our journeys matter to our story and how we brand ourselves. He discusses how our identities are continuously evolving and how success is sequential, not simultaneous. Kim teaches people to speak out with their branding and be authentic, speaking to their own unique talents. Authentic online content should be inviting like a campfire. 

“I tell people, if you’re wondering what to share, ask yourself a simple question: ‘Can I build a campfire around this?’” Kim says. “Is it warm? Is it inviting, is it inclusive? That’s campfires. It’s a light in a dark place where people share their own stories.”

Learn more about Mike Kim at, his book and podcast are called You Are The Brand

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