This Is My Perfect Day

My perfect day would include a balance of business and pleasure. I would wake up, recite my morning prayer and begin to mentally structure my day. After getting out of bed, I would write my daily journal entry while listening to my positive vibes playlist on SoundCloud. I would eat a hearty breakfast and then head to the gym to complete my favorite chest, back and legs workout. I would do a quick cool-down, stretch and sit in the sauna to relieve any remaining stress.

These Are the Elements of My Perfect DayThese Are the Elements of My Perfect DayThese Are the Elements of My Perfect DayThese Are the Elements of My Perfect Day

I would then go downtown and take photos while I explore unfamiliar territory. On my way my home, I would hop on a call to see how my grandmother is doing and to talk about her day. (I’m a huge grandma’s boy.) Once I make it home and clean myself up, I would meet up with friends and have dinner at a fancy Mexican restaurant. After we eat, we would go to a club or bar where we have a reserved section. We’d end the night the only way we can: by going to Waffle House. I would order the one and only thing I eat at Waffle House: the All-Star Special with scrambled eggs and sausage. Once I’m satisfied with my late-night feast, I would head home, say my prayers and hope for another perfect day.

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This article originally appeared in the June 2017 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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