There Comes a Moment When You Know: It’s Time.

by Erin Casey
Columns Editor

What are you waiting for? Last week, almost 30,000 women and men in Long Beach, Calif., and countless more via the Web, have heard the call: It’s time. It’s time to take action on your dream, or against the dissatisfaction you feel. It’s time to move forward… to stop waiting.

I’ve attended The Women’s Conference for the past three years. Each time I leave with renewed hope, inspired to take another step toward the life I desire. As I write this on the flight home, my mind is buzzing with excitement and energy (and exhaustion). I’m overwhelmed with the ideas and inspiration Maria Shriver, the conference team and the speakers generously pour into this forum for women.

Attending a conference is only worth the time and expense if you actually do something with what you’ve learned, and follow up with the people you’ve met. So, as I review my 30-plus pages of notes, gather my thoughts, and make my personal action plan, I thought I’d share just a few of the comments and moments that resonated with me. I hope they’ll inspire you, and that you’ll hear the call to action. It’s time.

Grow and give despite (or because of) pain. I met Betsy Johnson the evening after the March on Alzheimer’s. Though her mother passed away from the disease in 2000, she remains active in her local Alzheimer’s support group. I asked her if events like the march bring up painful memories, or if it is cathartic. Her response: “I want to give others the support and help I received.”

Don’t take no for an answer. Entrepreneur and Shark Tank panelist Daymond John spoke on negotiation. “A ‘no,’ to me, is an absolute maybe.” Don’t give up if you get a no. Keep going, be creative in your approach, and keep asking.

Lean into it. Author and life coach Martha Beck spoke about the magnetism that pulls us toward our best life. She said, “As you move toward what you’re supposed to be doing, the pull of that increases.” Listen to your gut; you’ll know if what you’re doing is right for you.

Make decisions from a peak state. Anthony Robbins explained that our decisions shape our destiny. To make the best decisions for your life, first put yourself in a peak emotional state. Move your body, bring up your energy level, and remember that you have control over your life and your actions. Make decisions from a place of power.

Live your authentic life. Maria Shriver shared the lessons she has learned during the past seven years as first lady of California. Above all, she says, live your authentic life, even if doing so takes you out of your comfort zone. She notes, “Stepping out into the unknown can forge a stronger, more confident you.”

It’s time. Make the decision to move toward your dreams. Determine today to do something about the dissatisfaction you feel. Stop waiting. Start doing.

What will your next step be?


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