The World Woman Summit: A Celebration of the Doers and the Doing

World Woman Summit

Held last October in Little Rock, Arkansas, the World Woman Summit 2018 was a celebration of the doers and the doing; a source of inspiration and support connecting and empowering women around the world, helping them to realize their potential and reach new heights.

Featuring keynote conversations, panel discussions, one-on-one interviews and spotlights, the event brought together the voices and insights of a diverse range of luminaries from the worlds of business, entertainment, science and technology to accelerate women’s leadership in bold new ways. The summit’s wide-ranging programming was designed to inspire action and creativity across six core pillars: entrepreneurship, technology, finance, health, education, and sustainability.

SUCCESS was a proud partner of the summit, offering personal development resources to the attendees, and SUCCESS senior vice president Lauren Lawley Head was on hand to lead several panel discussions, including a primer for women interested in pursuing entrepreneurship.

“We were able to really dig into some of those issues about finding the motivation to start your business,” Lawley Head said. “And some of the pitfalls and keys to success that you’ll encounter along the way.”

The World Woman Summit aims to mentor 1 million women by 2030. For more information, visit


Alex Coren World Woman Summit

“I think the No. 1 trait of good leaders is the ability to inspire—to have a vision that others believe in and want to fight for.” 

— Alex Coren, co-founder of Wambi

Tina Hovsepian World Woman Summit

“Do not be passive in the face of difficulty. Become more active.”

— Tina Hovsepian, architect, inventor and social entrepreneur

Danielle Kayembe World Woman Summit

“It’s important for women to find mentors. We’re not given a lot of examples of the success we want to aspire to. Mentors can fill that role for women so they understand what success looks like at different stages of life. Those experienced perspectives can guide you and help you make decisions.”

— Danielle Kayembe, founder and CEO of GreyFire Impact

Lisa Song Sutton World Woman Summit

“Female leadership is about vision and responsibility. Strive hard to set the example for your team and encourage a collaborative process.”

— Lisa Song Sutton, entrepreneur and investor


This article originally appeared in the Summer 2019 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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