The Rabbi’s Pearls of Wisdom

On fostering healthy ambition
“In such a predatory environment, where only the fittest survive—there is a reason we call it the rat race—colleagues become competitors, comrades become contenders, and allies become antagonists.”

On himself

“I seek to judge my success and failure less in relation to other people and more in relation to my potential and my ability to contribute.”

On what really matters

“Do we really believe that George Washington bravely crossed the Delaware for a mutual fund? Did Revolutionary War troops walk barefoot in the frozen wasteland of Valley Forge in the hope that they would eventually wear Ferragamo loafers?”

On today’s wealth

“An elderly multimillionaire businessman told me that the difference between today’s generation of entrepreneurs and his own generation is that the new guys have no hobbies.”

On success

 “Success has to incorporate the personal as well as the professional. And it must be about character rather than property and possessions.”


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