The Power of ‘Why’

In this episode of Behind the Brand, Bryan Elliott talks to author and speaker Simon Sinek about the importance of knowing your purpose—and using it to anchor you in all that you do.

Before Sinek became obsessed with finding his “why” (the one reason to carry out his daily endeavors), he had lost his passion. But as a successful entrepreneur, he felt like losing his passion wasn’t a real problem worth telling anyone about—not when the rest of the world had bigger struggles. Instead of sharing how he felt, he acted as if he was still passionate about his work.

“I knew what I did—I knew how I did it,” Sinek says. “I knew how it was different or special compared to my competitors, but I couldn’t tell you why I was doing what I was doing.”

It wasn’t until Sinek learned how the human brain works—how it operates on a three-level basis of what we do, how we do it and why we do it—that he began to understand the power of why.

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