The Divine 9 Success Secrets of LinkedIn Achievers

Like anything else in the success realm, achieving on LinkedIn finds its point of origin with mindset training. By embracing a positive attitude and conditioning your mind for success, you can achieve anything you seek in business and in life. Such is the gospel of many great business leaders and sales trainers and the hallmark of the SUCCESS enterprise. These principles translate beautifully to LinkedIn. Once you take the leap of faith and begin to work LinkedIn with purpose and conviction, things will quickly gel and you can expect positive outcomes. You somehow—almost magically—gain the insight you need and, slowly but surely, you advance out of your comfort zone. You will develop a sixth sense for how people interact and communicate on LinkedIn and your own social networking style will emerge.

Success Secret No. 1: Develop an Empowering LinkedIn Mindset

To understand the role of mindset training, consider the barriers (whether real or perceived) that inhibit or prohibit many people from even getting started on LinkedIn—let alone using it productively—and how LinkedIn achievers break them down.

♦ Fear of Technology. Well, you don’t have to be a Ph.D. from M.I.T. to maneuver around LinkedIn. You do, however, have to be comfortable at the computer and commit a few basic skills to memory. LinkedIn is very well laid-out and extremely easy to navigate. Any aversions to today’s technology that a LinkedIn achiever may have had prior to creating an account are quickly dispatched.

♦ Skepticism: “Oh, this will never work for me!” As I continue to discover how LinkedIn is reshaping people’s professional lives for the better, this one is hard for me to fathom. Methinks that these skeptics are just not trying. LinkedIn achievers suspend any disbelief. They apply the techniques of creative visualization and, through positive thought, can adjust their actions and behaviors on the site to enhance their performance, effect real world change, and drive results.

♦ Lack of Self-Confidence: This one is a little more difficult to flesh out due to its highly personal nature. These days, people don’t like to admit any vulnerability in their professional circles. But if you have a weak or poorly formatted LinkedIn profile, it’s hard to go out there and assert yourself. Ours is an Internet society. If you’re in business, you will be searched for and researched on LinkedIn. Your content better be compelling. 

LinkedIn achievers care deeply how they represent and meticulously craft their LinkedIn profiles, agonizing over the placement of every word and making updates when warranted. When you know you look good on LinkedIn—and others tell you so—your self-esteem improves in the real world. You communicate better. You can create more opportunities. You’ve got swagger.

♦ No Game Plan: “I’m on LinkedIn, but I don’t know how to really use it.” This is a cry for help. There is a wealth of information out there on LinkedIn, online tutorials as far as the eye can see. LinkedIn achievers are well-versed in the protocol. They keep abreast of changes and place great strategic value on their efforts. They commit to LinkedIn in a real and highly structured manner, and work it on a daily basis.

♦ Time Constraints: “I Simply Don’t Have the Time for LinkedIn.” This is, arguably, the chief complaint I hear from businesspeople today. It reveals to me that they haven’t attached significance or value to LinkedIn which, in my world, is the greater obstacle than clearing an hour a day. As I’ve often said: You have to put in the time to get the dime. When people tell me they’re too busy to do LinkedIn, I just assume that their pipelines are brimming with hot, qualified leads from other prospecting, that they have more referrals than they can handle, or they are finding more complicated (and less fun) ways to nourish their business relationships. 

Simply put, LinkedIn achievers make time for LinkedIn and don’t watch the clock. In essence, without an empowering mindset, raw energy and optimism can erode into frustration, apathy or loss of focus. Bark out daily mantras like “LinkedIn will work for me!”, “I can do this,” or “I will make time for LinkedIn,” and you will gradually begin to see profound changes in your business.

What do you visualize for yourself and your business as a result of using LinkedIn?

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