The Compound Effect and A Healthy Life

“People are either motivated by something they want, or something they don’t want.” – Darren Hardy Profound success is the result of small, smart choices completed consistently over time—and it applies to every area of your life, whether it’s your work, relationships, finances or your health. That’s the theory behind The Compound Effect, a book by my friend Darren Hardy, who’s also the publisher of SUCCESS magazine. Your success boils down to your choices and habits. Success also isn’t found on easy street. Sometimes, as Darren puts it, “the process is laborious, tedious and even boring.” Success comes from work, discipline and commitment. I couldn’t agree more. In fact, it’s a central principle needed to become healthy and fit, and one I talk about daily. Did you decide to make exercise a priority today? Did you make decisions about food that support your weight loss goals? Are you choosing to be positive? Do you prioritize your own health? Let’s a take a look at some of the great takeaways in The Compound Effect and how you can use those principles to achieve a healthier you… Click here to read the rest of the post at


Chris Freytag has dedicated her adult life to motivating people to lead healthier lives. A contributing editor to Prevention magazine, she's also written two books, Shortcuts to Big Weight Loss, and her latest, 2-Week Total Body Turnaround. She also has appeared on NBC's Today show and MSNBC's Weekend Update.

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