The 7 Forces of Lasting Change

1. Stepladders.

Science shows people have a better chance of success by focusing on small steps. Yet even when people know this, they repeatedly fail to make lasting changes. That’s because they don’t understand just how small those steps need to be and don’t have a model to guide them.

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2. Community.

We like to think we’re unique and don’t follow the crowd. But people can harness the power of community to achieve lasting change in themselves and others.

3. Important.

If you want people to stick to a fitness routine or buy your product, the action has to be important to them. Learn to redefine what is important.

4. Easy.

From controlling the environment to limiting one’s choices, there are methods for making things easier and more likely to stick.

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The 7 Forces of Lasting Change

5. Neurohacks.

“Change your thoughts, and your actions will follow” is a popular expression. But people don’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions by simply telling themselves this year will be different. The truth lies in the opposite direction. People need to change their actions, and their minds will follow. They need to trick the brain into realizing change is possible.

6. Captivating.

How do you make something so captivating people will keep doing it? Gamify it. Giving people rewards like points, badges and money will get them to keep doing what they should.

7. Engrained.

The human brain yearns to be efficient. It is designed so that people use the smallest amount of effort or thought to do things. If you see, hear, do or smell something repeatedly, your brain stores this information so you can recognize and retrieve it quickly. This process of engraining patterns into the brain explains why people prefer certain products to others and why they develop habits.

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